$16 swimsuit

Texts Always Fly Between Girlfriends but This $16 Swimsuit Really Has Us Buzzing

What can I say? When the thread speaks, I listen.
By Mikaela Cook

When ten busy women stop on a Wednesday afternoon to gush, and I mean gush about the same fashion find, you know you’ve found something special.

My girlfriend group chat (also known as “💗💗💗”) is my go-to destination for all things #trending. From gym junkies and healthnuts (not me) to podcast enthusiasts and bookworms (guilty), we have our bases covered. So when this eclectic group of women rallied around one particular discovery, I knew it was a winner worth sharing.

Introducing Amazon’s High Neck Pattern Swimsuit:

I’m calling it now. This suit will be the look of the season. So what makes it so special?

With spring break and summer lines knocking, every woman needs swimwear that’s budget friendly. This suit fits the bill with its $16 price tag. And let’s get real, are you not getting major Albion vibes? That’s luxury swimwear for a price you can afford.

You know what else is a serious plus? This suit is available in a variety of fabrics. We’re talking nine different patterns to choose from. So take your pick of classic black, orange-striped, or vintage floral; this suit has something for everyone. And with its flattering, modest cut, there’s no doubt this suit will be a real showstopper on your next warm getaway.

Shop all styles here.

Lesson learned– always trust the group chat. When women of all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds collectively say this a suit worth investing in, they mean it.

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