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10 Basic Tools That Should be in Every Craft Room

If you reach for scissors and they’re not “the good ones” – it’s paralyzing!  Your craft supplies have to work for you.  With you.  And when you need them! In celebration of national craft month, Studio 5 asked a few creative guests to tell what craft supply they reach for most often.  Some answers might surprise you!

1. String

“Whether it’s baker’s twine, yarn, jute or cotton macrame rope. I use something from my string drawer daily. I use it for crafting, hanging, tag-attaching or wrapping gifts!”

2. Big roll of white paper

“It’s perfect for crafting or painting over to keep all the mess in one place.   It can be a white backdrop for photos.  It is wrap for an elegant gift.”

Celeste Whitney
Studio 5 contributor.  Eclectic dresser, decorator, partier.  Obvi: a glue gun.

3. Clear Acrylic Rulers

“I love my clear rulers from The Container Store.  They are heavy duty, pretty and I can see through them.”

Michelle Inkley
Organizer.  Decorator.  Pink and gold.

4. Fine Cut Scissors

“These little precision scissors are a treasure I recently discovered. They cut the tiniest snips in hard to cut detailed projects. They work perfect for detailed paper crafting. I love to use them with my crepe paper flowers and snowflakes.”

Aimee Ferre
Hand-lettering artist.  Glitter.  Ribbon.  Fancies.

5. Needle Tip Glue Applicators

“These squeeze bottles are the perfect size for controlling small flows of glue. The needle tips create fine lines of glue when you are doing detailed work such as with hand-lettered glitter projects or other controlled glue applications for quilling, bookbinding, scrapbooking in hard to get to areas. I use straight pins with the plastic ball tops through the glue tips to clear any dry glue clog-ups.”

6. Cricut machine

“I find myself using a cutting machine nearly once every day. If you can design something, you can cut it out! I love mine!

Brittany Jepsen
Color, color, color.  Paper, paper, paper.  Flowers.

7. Envelope Pages

“These are a multitasking must-have for storing memorabilia / crafting scraps / flat things in a really organized format … like in albums on a shelf! Each envelope page has holes in the spine to fit perfectly in most ringed albums.”

Becky Higgins
Moment maker.  Photo taker.  Champion.

8. Clear Cellophane Bags

“I keep a few different sizes of clear cellophane bags in my craft room for wrapping up gifts in a pinch.  Everything looks cute when put into a clear bag and tied with a pretty ribbon, yarn, or trim.”

Sarah Freeman
Poms. Tassels.  Rainbows.

9. Cardstock in all colors

“I make paper crafts weekly so colored cardstock is an absolute must for my craft room. I need every color of the rainbow stacked nicely on a shelf because it looks pretty, and so I can grab what I need quickly.”

Rachel Nipper
Scissors. Tape. Markers. Glue. Kids.

10. Good markers & pens

“With the right writing tool, you can journal, doodle, draw… even paint!”

Megan Hoeppner
Photos.  Planners.  Pretty little details.

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