17 Year Treasures: Studio 5 viewers share their special mementos

17 is a big number, and it got us thinking. You’ve regularly made us a part of your life for the last 17 years, but what is something else you’ve had around for at least that long?

A few Studio 5 viewers share stories about their 17 year treasures.


17 Year Treasures

Here are even more mementos from Studio 5 viewers!

Ginger Healy 

Sept4, 2004 , 18 years ago my father passed away and when he died we as his children sold the family home that has been in our family for many generations . A year later (17 years ago !) I went back to the home to see it because the family who bought it totally renovated it . I knocked in the door and explained who I was and they became very excited and invited me in . They told me that when they remodeled the home they knocked down walls and found things hidden in the walls! Old broken China dishes , jewelry and more ! The only thing that was salvageable was this blue larimar ring . They said they hoped to meet us one day to give it to us. It was a beautiful tender gift and I haven’t taken it off in 17 years !! 


Chelsey Jones 

I’ve had this old flip phone for 17 years because it’s the phone I had when I was dating my husband. It has precious texts he sent me, including one the night before we were married. ❤️ 


I still have a sewing machine given to me by my grandma when I graduated high school 20 years ago. There is a knob missing and I’ve at times gotten my finger stuck while attempting to use that function, but I still use the machine weekly and am teaching my daughter how to sew on it. 


Kerrie Swapp 


Terri Trowbridge 

I have a 2005 blend tec blender that I have had around for the same amount of time. It has been used for many a studio 5 recipe and it’s still going strong. I certainly hope that my blender as well as Studio 5 and Brooke Walker will be around for several more years to come. After all, There’s many more tips and recipes to try from the experts on the studio 5 team. 😉❤️ 

I also thought it would be fun to share a cookbook that I have had around since 2005 compliled by Si Foster for a school fund raising project back in 2001. The front cover was also designed by female foodie—Brooke Foster when she was in elementary school.  

And now I can’t wait to get my hands on Si Foster’s “A Bountiful Kitchen” first ever cookbook!!!! Thanks for having Si as a studio 5 contributor. 


Yasemin Miller 

This is the outfit that was worn by our daughter, Madeleine Jiatai Miller, when we adopted her from an orphanage in Wuhan, China after her birth 17 years ago.  

This picture brings back so many wonderful memories! 


Marcie Owen 

My mom Made me this blanket in 2005. I sleep with it all the time. It is one of my favorites. 


Carol Morley 

This is the iron gate from my childhood home in Farmington,Utah . Such great memories . 


Megan Sorensen 

I’ve had this Jazz coat 33 years. It has player signature inside I still wear it to Jazz games. 


Karen Rounds 

Husband built our two daughters a custom made playhouse after seeing them at the parade of homes around 1988, still using it for my grand daughter  

Trophies were earned at dance competitions from 2 years old – 18 years old, don’t have the heart to get rid of them! 


Michelle Whipple 

These are theater chairs from the old auditorium at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah. I have had them for about 27 years and have moved them between states and homes several times. LOVE! 

My cute Mom is a Davis High School graduate and all of her siblings as well as myself and all of my siblings.  

The story goes that my sweet Dad was driving by the high school and they were throwing chairs in a dumpster. He dumpster dived and got two.  


Katrina Smith 

Here is a picture of a 5”x 5” wooden treasure box my Dad made me probably more than 45 years ago! He made one for me and my two older sisters, each with our initial on it. I love that I still have it! 


Marcia Johns 

This is from my college days at Utah State University when I worked for a weekly newspaper as a reporter. The ruler is to lay out the paper. 1988 


Linde Wong 

Here is a dress I have had since my single days…from the late 1980’s, early 1990’s.  While it is WAY out of style, and I have not worn it for years,  I kept it because I always felt good in the dress.  In its day–it was a successful dress. 😉  

Finally, after 30+ years I decided to part with it and put it in the DI pile a few weeks ago…dug it out for the picture.   


Jodi Thompson 

My grandma made me a quilt when I graduated from college in 1988. I still have it and love it♥️ 


Tallie Geddes  

Hi! I have kept this cute ceramic butterfly for a very long time. It’s my little treasure. It use to hang above the tub in my grandmother’s pristine pink tiled bathroom. As a little girl, I threw a wash cloth in the air while playing in her bathtub and knocked the butterfly off the wall and it broke. My heart sank when I saw my grandmothers face but she was quick to reassure me that it would all be ok, as she 

said “We can fix it! “ We sat at the table and glued it back together. It hung in her bathroom until she died. When she passed away, the one thing I asked for was the broken butterfly. My husband made me a cute shadow box to display it in and it sits on my mantle today. It reminds me of my grandmother, her unconditionally love and that anything in life  can be fixed! 


Debi Lee 

My mother in Laws Prom Dresses, that she made herself in the 60’s. My 26 year old daughter’s baby bracelet that now my granddaughter has worn. 


Heather Robinson

My something old… I got this book of fairy tales when I was 8. I’m now 46. I loved that the stories were just a little darker than what Disney was putting out and I always felt just a little naughty reading them. I still love to pull it out and read through my favorites…


Amanda Davis

I’ve had this purse/satchel for over 17 years. I found it at an antique shop in Wisconsin when I was a teenager and used it as my purse for several years until i had to start using a diaper bag. It’s made of leather and has a turquoise stone in the middle.


Kim Hunsaker

This cupcake pan is my grandmas and even though it is old.  I still use it every time and think of her and her yummy cooking. I just made cornbread last night.


Bonnie Wiseman

My mother’s wedding ring from 1953. She wore it everyday until her unexpected death in 2005. My father then gifted out to me for Christmas in 2013. It’s my most prized possession. They were happily married for 53 years when she passed.


Syd Bassett

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