Life’s better when it smells good! The exclusive discount on the Pura scent dispenser

You can light a candle. Or tap a button!

Studio 5 is thrilled to link arms with Pura as our season 17 premiere sponsor. With this partnership comes their largest sitewide discount ever…just for Studio 5 viewers!



It’s what happens when scent gets smart!

Pura is a Utah-based company that creates uplifting experiences through scent…all with the push of a button. The brand pairs fragrance with smart technology in a way that enables users to customize and control the way they experience scent with the ability to adjust scent intensity, set schedules, swap scents and even change the color of the built-in night light on the device.

In honor of the Season 17 premiere of Studio 5, Pura surprised our studio audience with a Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser and two of Brooke’s favorite scents: Capri Blue Volcano and NEST Velvet Pear.

For our at-home viewers, there’s a chance to get in on the same good smells at a great discount!

Enter the code “KSL25” for 25% off sitewide – that’s Pura’s largest sitewide discount ever! The code can be used on one-time purchases, on top of subscription purchases (making them 50% off!) and on the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser.

Click here to get shopping.

Consider it a celebration of two great things – the good smells of Pura and the good time that is Studio 5!

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