20 Days of Summer: New Glow Toys

20 Days of Summer: New Glow Toys

Glow sticks are a family favorite for those warm summer nights. To keep the kids entertained when you’re waiting for fireworks to start. But forget about the simple bracelets or necklaces, today’s 20 days of summer product takes the average glow stick to a higher, brighter level. Studio 5 Producer Mallory Moore has found the ultimate kids toy to add some spark to your summer nights.

The following Spritz Glow toys can be found at your local Target store:

· Spritz Glow in the Dark Swords (4-pk) $7.99

· Spritz Princess Wands (4-pk) $7.99

· Spritz Whistles (4-pk) $5.99

This Spritz line is new to Target, and just launched in March. They also offer the essentials for a fun, festive and affordable party. From bright banners and pretty plates to colorful cups and trendy treats, the line has everything add a pop of color and fun for any special occasion.

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