Studio 5 Staff Picks Their Costco Cravings

Studio 5 Staff Picks Their Costco Cravings

We all have our favorite food finds at the grocery store, but sometimes with a giant store like Costco, you don’t know everything that is there. Since Costco is one of Utah’s favorite grocery stores, with big packaging and big selection, we wanted to find out what other people have already discovered there.

The Studio 5 staff shares their favorite “go-to” food items at Costco.

Alexia Foods

Sweet Potato Fries/ Julienne cut

$6.59, 4 lbs, Unit Cost 1.64

All Natural, Low Sodium

Organic Blue Agave Nectar

$7.69 2/23.5 oz bottlesm Unit cost .16.

Wholesome sweetener

Premiere Select Ice Cream Variety Pack

$13.99 40 count Unit cost .35

12 ice cream sandwiches-chocolate wafers

18 Ice cream cones-chocolate coating and chopped peanuts

10 Ice cream bars-chocalate coating

Kirkland Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bar with Roasted Almonds in our Food Count.

$1.50 ea.

Amylu Chicken Onion Burger, with Red Bell Peppers and Gouda Cheese.

$11.99 ea. 40oz. 10 1/4 lb. Burgers

Fully Cooked, All Natural, Gluten Free.

Fisher & Wieser Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. A southwestern Mesquite sauce.

$8.99 40oz. Unit Price .22

Ling Ling All natural Chicken Potstickers.

$9.99, 4.2lbs, Unit price 2.37 a pound

Includes Dipping sauce, ready in 10 minutes. No MSG, No preservatives, 0 Trans Fat

Kirkland Homestyle Waffles.

$6.99 60ct. 6-10ct bags, Unit price .11

Yancey”s Fancy Hot Wasabi Horseradish Cheddar Cheese.

$5.79 lb.

Made by New York Artisan Cheese Company. Aged over 18 months.

Ricework Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps/ Sweet Chile.

$5.99, Unit Price .30

Whole Grain, Naturally Gluten Free, 1/3 Less Fat than kettle chips.

Island Way Assorted Fruit Sorbet in Fruit Shells.

$12.99, 12 count. Unit Price $1.03 Summer item.

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