2012 Spring Trends: For the Beauty of Woman

Grunge – be gone! Military – stand down! Boys – take a back seat! Spring
fashion is all about the feminine side of a woman.

Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone shows us how to flirt it,
flaunt it, and let it flow.

1. Finally Back to Feminine

The styles of the seasons are designed to feature a women’s silhouette and
capture her mood. Playful? Try a peplum (short, flared ruffle sits at the
waist) skirt. Shy? Wear a flapper-style drop-waist dress. Free Spirit? The
popular bird print of a satin peasant blouse will mirror your freedom to fly.
Charming? Select a lightweight cotton dress with floral print and pair with a
lacy cardigan.

Embrace your body, own your mood!

Style Tip:

Wear one item of clothing (top or bottom) with layers, lace, or lots of fabric.
Keep the complimentary clothing item simple with straight lines or form
fitting shape. Too much “flow” may overpower you.

Style Tip:

The lightweight fabrics of this season are often more sheer. Walk into full
light to make sure your underwear isn’t now outerwear. Be sure to either
layer or wear a slip or Spanx to hide undergarment lines.

2. Every Flavor of Pastel

Pastel=chalks? Pastel=lozenge? No – pastel colors! Colors so soft you look
like you could melt into them. Muted, delicate and taunting you to take a

Style Tip:

Don’t do head-to-toe pastel. Choose one item, if but only a shoe. Pastels
are very soft and can mute out your silhouette. And ‘tis the season to love
your silhouette.

Style Tip:

Pair soft pastel with bold color block. The hard and soft contrast will blend
so deliciously well, you will think there is cream involved.

3. Go Green

Life, growth, vitality, a legacy, abundance, cash, envy, Ogres and M&M’s. All
things green come with many associations. This season don’t associate,
accessorize. Anything green goes, and green goes with ANYTHING. Don’t
stop to match, just go green! And if you haven’t heard me yet, hang some
earrings in your ears because they are coming in with a huge bang.

Style Tip:

Try wearing different shades of green. A green handbag paired with green
earrings. A green scarf with a green belt peeking from your denim belt
loops. Green is a difficult color to match exactly so feel some freedom to
wear various tones.

Style Tip:

Blue and yellow make green. Thus, wearing greens with blues and yellow
will look harmoniously designed.

4.Tropical A-Peel

You can’t peel it. You can’t harvest it. You can’t pit it. But you can savor its
sweetness. This juicy fashion category feels like it belongs in your hand in a
frosted glass rimmed with mandarin slices, above white sand and turquoise
water, swaying gently in a hammock—. Reach out and grab the zest of the
tropical outfits in orange, tangerine, coral, or peach. If you put it on and it
says Fiesta, you have arrived at the party.

Style Tip:

Don’t feel trapped by only looking at orange tones. Pinky corals, peachy
salmon, pastel creams (think creamsicle) also fit nicely into this tropical

Style Tip:

Orange pairs nicely with camo (army) green, tan, dark blue, charcoal, and
even chocolate brown. Wearing orange with black is tricky to avoid looking
like you are ready Halloween.

5. Prints O Plenty

What do a hydrangea and a hexagon have in common? As featured prints of
the season they are loud and proud. Floral, geometric, futuristic, graphic.
The bigger the better, the bolder the braver. They can be worn casually as
a separate, or trendier as a dress. The key is to pick the COLORS you prefer
and let the print speak for itself.

Style Tip:

Don’t pair 2 different bold prints together. This season it is about being a
woman, not a canvas for graffiti . Choose 1 color found in print and wear
that color as solid clothing piece to compliment the print.

Style Tip:

Not quite ready for the bold? Pick a less intimidating starting point: look for
a wrap (pashmina) or scarf in floral print. Even a larger floral pendant on a
necklace will allow you to explore this wonderful option.

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