Kid’s Cooking Class And Skills

A new trend for kid’s is sizzling in popularity! Kid’s cooking classes.
It’s the perfect way for kid’s to get comfortable in the kitchen.

Kid’s Cooking Instructor Aimee Krey shares 12 skills every child can tackle
in the kitchen.

Ages 4-7

Measure Ingredients

Mixing & Stirring

Scrubbing Veggies

Set Out Ingredients

Ages 8 – 11

Crack Eggs

Exact Measurements

Peel Vegetables

Plan Meals, Read Recipes

Ages 11-13

Use a handheld Mixer

Proper knife skills

Work over a stove to boil pasta or flip pancakes.

Follow a Recipe

Be sure to check out Aimee’s blog,,
where you can check out Aimee’s favorite recipes, plus information about
her kid’s cooking classes.