3 A/C Questions to Save Money

Owner Tony Oakman from Lee’s Heating and Air answers the top three most frequently asked questions he gets – and the answers could help you save energy and money.

Question #1: How often should you change your furnace filter in the summer?

Tony has discussed previously on

Studio 5 the importance of changing your furnace filters to keep you warm in the winter, but did you know that your furnace filters actually get dirtier in the summer? That’s because the blower that pushes the air when using your A/C is actually working harder and moving more air in the summertime than in the winter. As a matter of fact, it is working 20 to 30percent more in the summer. So you need to change your filter more often in the summer than winter. Lee’s Heating and Air recommends changing the filter once a month. Just by doing this one simple task, homeowners can save around $20 to $40 a month from their energy bills. Tony says it’s the same as with your car – you get better gas mileage when you keep the air filter clean.

Question #2: What temperature should we set the thermostat when we are not at home?

There are many arguments about this question. Some people think it is best to keep the thermostat temperature set higher because it is wasteful to cool a house when no one is there to benefit from a cool house. Others think it costs more to try and cool a house down after it has been hot all day. Lee’s Heating and Air recommends you set your thermostat temperature only 3 to 4 degrees warmer when you are gone than the temperature you set while at home. For example: If you like your home at 74 degrees, then you should set your thermostat no warmer than 78 degrees when you are not home. This can save you $10 to $15 a month. But if you go up to 6 degrees warmer, it will cost you more to remove the heat from the house than to maintain the temperature within 3 to 4 degrees.

Question #3: If my house has three bedrooms but we only use one, what should I do with the A/C vents in the unoccupied rooms? Should I turn them on or off?

Your A/C actually needs constant air moving through the duct system to keep the unit from freezing up. Lee’s Heating and Air recommends that you try to keep all your vents open. If you have a basement, you can close all of the vents down there. This effort will help your A/C run better and keep you cool. If you have damaged or old vents, you should also replace them so air is not restricted. Finally, make sure your vents aren’t blocked by objects as that restricts air flow.
For the first 20 callers, Lee’s Heating and Air will come out to your home perform a 10 point check on your A/C system, answer any questions and help you program your thermostat if needed for just $49. That’s a $149 service for only $49.

For more information, and to contact Tony at Lee’s Heating and Air, visit them online at www.leesheatac.com or call 801-747-LEES.

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