Carving a Watermelon Centerpiece

And with a little creative carving, Studio 5 Contributor, Kathleen Alder takes watermelon to a whole new WOW.

These and other fun watermelon projects can be found at, the National Watermelon Promotion Board website.

Flowering Garden


• 1 Oblong seeded watermelon

• 1 Small yellow watermelon (or substitute mini red watermelon or pineapple)

• Flower shape cookie cutters

• Melon baller

• 15-20 Skewers for flower stems

• 40-50 Popsicle or jumbo craft sticks for picket fence

• Toothpicks

• Hot glue gun

• Green food coloring and pipe cleaners (optional)


1. Wash the watermelons. Cut a ¼ inch slice off the bottom of the oblong watermelon to provide a stable base. Cut the top 1/3 off the watermelon lengthwise to provide the flowerbed.

2. Cut out flat pieces from the flesh of the slice and from flesh from the flower bed piece. Use cookie cutters (or free hand cut) for the desired shapes for flowers. Be sure to cut shapes from the yellow watermelon as well. (Shown are daisies and tulips.)

3. Soak skewers in green food coloring, and set on paper towel to dry.

4. Use a small melon baller to create flower centers from both the yellow and red watermelons. Assemble the flowers by attaching the center balls with toothpicks. Place entire flower head on tinted green skewers. Insert skewer flower stems into base flowerbed. Be sure to alternate colors and feel free to experiment with other colorful fruits like cantaloupe or blueberries.

5. Fill the basket flowerbed with the rest of the fruit in flower shapes and balls. Shape a couple pipe cleaners into leaves and carefully attach to the skewer stems.

6. Using extreme caution use a hot glue gun to attach the Popsicle sticks around the flowerbed as shown to create a fence for the garden. Garnish with other fun shapes such as butterflies or honeybees.

Birthday Cake

Materials Needed:

• 1 Oblong watermelon

• Channel knife (or vegetable peeler)

• Berries

• Whip cream

• Birthday candles

• Mint for garnish


1. Choose a long watermelon with very straight sides for this carving.

2. Wash watermelon and pat dry.

3. Remove rounded ends.

4. Use a channel knife to carve one design into the rind of each ring. If you cannot find a channel knife, you can use the top of a standard vegetable peeler.

5. Cut 2 ” thick horizontal rings from center section of watermelon, for desired cake height.

6. Cut each ring into 6 even wedges.

7. Arrange wedges from different rings to create a varied cake design, building to desired height.

8. Top with berries and whipped cream, birthday candles and fresh mint leaves for garnish.

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