“Pitcher Perfect” Floral Arrangements

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft & Floral explains how.

Turning ordinary household items into extraordinary party or decorating accent pieces can be simple, affordable, and space saving. It just takes a little bit of creativity, a splash of color, and a house full of potential. Glass pitchers in all shapes, sizes, and colors are one of our favorite ways to use a common kitchen item in an uncommon way.

1. Look in your cupboards! Chances are that you already have a wonderful vessel for a floral design. You’re searching for anything watertight and visually interesting that compliments your room or party theme. Pitchers often meet all of these qualifications. If you don’t have many items in your home that fall into this category, start scouring thrift stores, garage sales, or discount retailers. You can purchase a pitcher for as little as $2.00 or borrow one from a friend. Almost any shape, size, or color will work as a container for a fresh floral design.

2. Look in your back yard! You’re searching for anything with vivid color, interesting line, or fragrance. Seasonal branches, blossoms, and foliage should be enjoyed inside as well as out. Pitchers are perfect with compact nosegay arrangements, free flowing wildflowers, or blooming branches. If your yard leaves you feeling less than inspired or you are looking for something specific, your local florist will be able to help. Take you pitcher into their shop and as for cut flower recommendations.

3. Design with confidence.

• Decide on a shape and style for your arrangement.

• If you have trouble visualizing your final piece, select a photo from a magazine or website to act as a guide.

• Be sure that the proportions on your arrangement are visually pleasing. A very general rule of thumb is 2:1.

• Designing in and with your hands give you more control.

• Give the flowers a fresh cut before putting them into your container.

4. Enjoy your final product. Don’t fuss. If you’re a beginner, realize that floral designing is just like anything else, it takes practice. Try to find pleasure in the process of learning this nature-inspired craft. If you’re a seasoned designer, try something new! Design out of your comfort zone.

For a great selection of fresh flowers and home décor, visit BYU Campus Craft & Floral:

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