30 Minute Kites



Brightly-colored 8½ -by-11-inch paper



¾-inch masking or clear tape (clear packaging tape also works)

Wire cutters or heavy duty scissors

Thin bamboo skewers (like those used for kebabs)

Surveyor’s tape or crepe paper streamers

Hole punch

Eyelets and eyelet setter (optional)

10 feet of string or yarn (or more, if flying area is clear of hazards)

Small piece of cardboard

Stickers and markers for decorating

1. Fold the sheet of paper in half, widthwise. Using a ruler and pencil, make a mark 1″ from the folded edge and another mark on the opposite edge 2¼” from the side, as shown. Draw a diagonal line between your two marks.

2. Place the ruler against the line you drew and crease the paper along it.

3. Fold back the top layer of paper and tape along the fold line. Trim any excess tape.

4. Using wire cutters, trim the bamboo skewer to 8 inches in length. Position the skewer across the top back of the kite and firmly tape it down.

5. Cut a 6-foot kite tail from the surveyor’s tape (or crepe paper streamer). Tape it to the rear edge of the kite. Next, flip the kite over and fold the flap (to which you’ll tie the string) back until it stands straight up.

6. Fold a small piece of tape over the edge of the flap about 3 inches from the top. Punch a hole through the tape 1/4 inch in from the folded edge. (For added strength, punch set an eyelet where the hole would be.) Tie one end of the string through the hole.

7. To make a string winder to hold onto, tie the other end of the string around the middle of the cardboard, securing it with a strip of tape. Wind on the rest of the string, and you’re ready to fly!


You can use different weights of paper. Just keep in mind that heavier paper will require more lift (wind) to fly.

The length of the tail will also affect the stability of your kite. A longer tail will keep your kite from zig-zagging, but it can’t be so long that the kite won’t lift. Experiment with different lengths if you change the paper weight.

To fly indoors or outside where there isn’t wind, use a shorter length of string…just a few feet…and attach to a foot-long dowel or pvc pipe

Other material options: (be creative)


Wrapping paper


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