365 Swap

365 Swap

It’s a way to shop without buying anything, and a way to send some of your favorite items to a new happy home.

Studio 5 contributor Courtney Orton got to see what the 365 Swap was all about.

When you’re invited to the 365 Swap there are only a few rules, and one of them is that you don’t come empty handed. Each guest brought up to 7 items, and you leave with as many new treasured items you bring.
Once you’re in, there are just a few things that need to happen before the swapping starts. Get a name tag. Sign in on the giant chalkboard wall, and grab your currency – clothespins. “Get one for every item you brought,” says one of the organizers Melissa Quigley, “write your name on it, and we’ll start.”

Setting out your stuff may be the most important step of the night, and the variety of items is endless.

Swappers brought holiday wreaths, mirrors, books, purses, canisters, and other home décor items. “I brought a fun bike, an old house. I brought stuff that was in my little boy’s room. Now he’s grown up. Just some stuff that didn’t fit anymore,” explains swapper Shelly Nielson.

Once everything is out, the fun begins. When you see something you just can’t live without, put a clothespin on it. Each item can only go home with one person, so when there are multiple clothespins on an item, a drawing determines the winner.

If you don’t get the item you want, you take that clothespin and look around some more. When you’ve swapped, eaten all the yummy food and cupcakes you can, claim what’s yours and enjoy it.
“It’s really fun,” says Michelle White.

What is the 365 Swap? A bunch of women bring stuff to put in a big pile. Then everyone gets to go shopping for new treasures in the pile. Say you bring 7 items, then you leave with 7 items.

To learn more about 365 Swap and the Cultivate Group visit cultivateyou.blogspot.com

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