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Organizing with Office Supplies

Organizing with Office Supplies

Specialty container stores, move over! The local office supply store is a veritable treasure trove of containers that will help you organize everything from make-up to hardware—often for a fraction of the cost. Pull up to the nearest Office Max, Office Depot or Staples, and let the fun begin!

Bed and Bath

§ 3 x 5 card file boxes: Use these little beauties for extra button storage. Attach an extra button to an index card and note the item of clothing the button goes with. For handy mending, include thread and needles in the box as well.

§ Acrylic boxes: Office Depot has these fantastic clear acrylic boxes in three sizes. You can store everything from cotton swabs to larger personal care items in these functional and stylish containers.

§ Pencil cups: Pencil cups are a super economical way to store taller make-up items such as lip and eye pencils and brushes. All office supply stores have pencil cups in a wide variety of materials and colors.

§ Drawer dividers: For $2.49, you can get a great little drawer divider at Office Depot that will hold make-up and jewelry. Can’t beat that price!

§ Desk organizers and revolving caddies: Desk organizers and revolving caddies are other great ways to store make-up. Particularly if your drawer space is limited, these great looking containers are functional and take up little room on a countertop or in a cabinet.

Kitchen, Craft and Hardware

§ Binder clips: If your chip clip has lost its spring, consider using a binder clip instead. Binder clips will never lose their flexibility and can hold closed bags of cereal, pasta, chips, chocolate chips, etc.

§ Clear acrylic sign stand: These sign stands are great recipe holders. My favorite is from Office Depot because it stands straight and will store easily in a cupboard with your recipe books.

§ Binders: Use binders to hold recipe cards or to separate scrapbooking items such as stickers, die cuts, etc.

§ Index card file boxes: You can find these boxes in a range of sizes to use for thank you notes or greeting cards.

§ Accordion file boxes: Accordion file boxes are great holders for kids’ art supplies, especially for travel.

§ “Really Useful Boxes”: No kidding. That’s the name brand of these great little containers that come in a HUGE variety of sizes. The smaller sizes are fantastic options for small craft items as well as small nails, picture holders, screws, etc. You can find the best selection at Office Max.

Travel and Miscellaneous

§ Pencil boxes: To keep travel-size necessities orderly, you can use pencil boxes. Not only are pencil boxes a fraction of the cost of a cosmetic bag, but they are plastic and can better contain spills. Storing toothbrushes and toothpaste, contact lenses and contact solution, travel-size shampoo and lotions, cosmetics and hair accessories are just a few of the ways to use these great boxes.

§ File boxes: File boxes are an ideal size for moving boxes, book storage and long-term storage. You can also use file boxes when you sort any organizing project to keep your project under control.

§ Clipboards: With the fantastic color and pattern options in clipboards, you can use these as hanging organizers in the kitchen or office area to help monitor the flow of your incoming and outgoing mail or correspondence and to leave notes or keep lists.

§ Magazine files: Magazine files are great project file boxes. If you or your kids have an unfinished project, use these to store the parts and pieces so they don’t get lost before the project is complete.

If you’re an online shopper or love unique office supplies, check out these web sites:

Happy organizing!


Kelly Pratt
Spaces Limited Organizing


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