Fun, Funky Lampshades


Breathe new life into your home décor with unique, one of a kind lampshades!

Studio 5 Contributor, and blogger, Mandi Gubler from Vintage Revivals shares four Anthropologie inspired lampshades you can make yourself.

There are so many ways to interpret different ideas. I love Anthropologie for their funky home décor, and especially their cool lamps and lampshades. So I made four Anthro inspired lampshades that anyone can pull of. All you need is an old lamp shade, some fabric you love and a glue gun!

Ruffled Lampshade

Secret Silhouette Shade

– To make the secret silhouette shades all you need is some type of design on the front to make the shade interesting and then a marker or dark paper or vinyl to put inside the shade. So that when you turn your light on the secret pops through!

Mandi has posted detailed directions to make all of these shades on her blog,

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