Creating Your Own Creative Space

Creating Your Creative Space

Setting up your own creative space can be as fun as working on those creative projects!

Creative Editor with Creating Keepsakes Magazine, Megan Hoeppner, shares ideas & inspiration for creating your own creative space.

Setting up your own creative space can be as fun as working within that space, creating projects! There are so many options available to you, and you don’t even have to have an entire room to devote to make the most of a crafting area!

The brand new special issue by Creating Keepsakes magazine, Creative Space with Megan Hoeppner, shows you just how fun and inspiring craft-room design can be. Whether you’re setting up an entire room, you’re looking to add a few DIY storage and décor touches to your existing space, or you simply want to be inspired by what others have done with their rooms, this special issue is for you. In it, you’ll be welcomed inside 45 impressive craft areas, including Brooke Walker’s beautiful room.

Let’s take a look inside and see what you’ll find.

Sentimental Space
If a room with heart is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to note each of Brooke Walker’s touching ideas. She’s big on surrounding herself with pieces that hold sentimental value for her, including this amazing couch that once belonged to her grandma!

Modern Design
If modern, environmentally friendly design makes you happy, you’ll love this room, which belongs to Celeste Rockwood-Jones. The floor is made from cork, which is environmentally friendly and easy on the feet. And just look at the way her walls shine with modern personality.

Artistic Area
If you’re a mixed media artist who can’t get enough of paints and other colorful supplies, you’re sure to fall in love with this room by Liz Hicks. Her studio goes to show you that you don’t even need a full room to set up a creative space. She simply finished a couple of the walls and left the framing in the ceiling exposed. So don’t discount those unfinished areas of your home. A craft room could be just a couple of steps away.

Consignment-Chic Studio
For a consignment-shop chic look, check out this stunning room where Sara Douglass of Stampin’ Up! creates. She’s incorporated a number of found items, which makes her room very eclectic, unique, and totally her. Check your local discount, consignment, and antique shops for amazing craft-room finds. And don’t be afraid to refinish pieces to meet your home needs.

Craft Cottage
This charming craft cottage belongs to Sharon Kropp of Little Yellow Bicycle. She’s actually transformed an old garden shed into an inviting craft nook in her backyard. If your house is full, look beyond the walls of your home and see what kind of creative oasis awaits you.

A Room with Whimsy
Craft rooms are one space where you can get away with a more whimsical design, as my craft room illustrates. Unlike the rest of the house, this is an area just for you, which means you can have a little more decorative freedom. So go ahead and hang those bushy poms from the ceiling and buy silly knickknacks to display. If these are things that inspire you, the definitely deserve a place where you create.

You don’t have to be a scrapbooker to enjoy the craft rooms in Creative Spaces. Whatever your creative hobby of choice may be, you’re sure to find ideas that will inspire you and help you get organized. Have fun!

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