Last Ditch Design


Now is the time for spring cleaning, and getting rid of all of those unwanted items. But before you toss everything in the trash, try looking at looking at things in a whole new way!

Studio 5 contributor, Jennifer Heslop shares creative inspiration for turning trash into treasure!

Mindy’s Rocking Chair:


Behr wood stain- Drift Grey

.5 yd fabric

To freshen up Mindy’s chair, I lightly sanded the wood and brushed on the new stain color, wiping off the excess. Once the stain was dry, I rubbed a light coat of furniture wax over the wood to further bring out the color. The old fabric was stripped off the cushion and the cushion was recovered.

Stephanie’s Cabinet Doors:


4 table legs (Home Depot)

4 double-ended screws

Spray paint

Stephanie’s tiered- table was built by cutting each of the 4 table legs in half- giving you a total of 8 “legs.” Insert a double ended screw into each base leg. Drill a hole through each corner of one of the cabinet doors. Set the door onto the table legs. Now screw the remaining legs onto the open-ended screws. Drill holes through the remaining door and set in place.

Jane’s Wall-Poster


Hanging file folders

Spray adhesive

To cover stock hanging file folders: Open file folder and lay flat on poster. Trace around folder, adding ½” allowance on top and bottom edges. Cut out. Spray outside of folder and backside of poster-piece with spray adhesive. Allow to dry I minute. Line-up the folder and poster piece and stick together. Fold top and bottom edges over and glue with hot glue.

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