4 Utah Bloggers on the Chevy Mom’s Squad

Chris Hemmersmeier is the president of the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Camille Langston is one of the bloggers on the Chevy Mom’s Squad.

Four bloggers were selected and given a new Chevy to drive for a month while they are sent on various missions. Two of the squad will be driving a Traverse and two will get a Malibu.

The four bloggers part of the Mom’s Squad are:

Vanessa Brown blogs over at www.INeverGrewUp.net and is one of the owners of the Utah blogger review site www.SassyScoops.com. She helps companies all over the country with their social media marketing with her www.AKickIntheBuzz.com services. She also runs an online membership site teaching women to make money with their blogs at www.MomsMakeMoneyBlogging.com. She has two little girls, 3 and 4, two old dogs and one celebrity dog trainer husband and loves living in Salt Lake County. Baby #3 is due in April and they are hoping for a Baby Jack and we just got a brand new puppy which makes dog #3! She throws a neighborhood art group every month, is very involved in her church and is very active in the community.

Stephanie Hansen quit the fast paced corporate world about 5 years ago to focus on her one true love, chauffeuring, also known as, raising teenagers. Her spare time is spent reading, cooking, eating (obviously), blogging, tweeting, and watching reality television. All of course while cuddling up in her Snuggie and sporting a BumpIt.

Stephanie’s upbeat and perky attitude, along with her silly antics, helped her launch and sustain her blog “The Daily Blarg”. Where she takes on social issues like the existence of unicorns and manscaping. Her love of food, fashion, fun, and friendship provided her with the opportunity to write for the review site Sassy Scoops. And her insane need to hear “are we there yet” helps keep her family alive while on long family road trips. And in the past few months Stephanie has also taken on event planning. With the first Cupcake Conference and CraziBeautiful Event under her belt there are surely more to come.

Stephanie recently added “world domination” on her ever growing to-do list. Of course her plot to take over the world includes her family’s weekly Thursday night meal, spaghetti. Thursketti is soon to become a household name thanks to the launch of the “thursketti” hashtag on Twitter. Twitter is the first step in all plots to take over the world. You can join Stephanie’s quest for world domination by following her on Twitter @sahans.

Julee Morrisson, (in her own words)
My name is Julee. I’m a 40-Something Mom to many (six!), creative, a volunteer and a Mommy Blogger. I’m the oldest of four; I was raised in Utah and rural North Carolina giving me some eye-opening experiences. I LOVE Bon Jovi, the Stephanie Plum Series Books, Seafood, Chevy and my Community. I fear failure, touching styrofoam and uncovered mattresses. I enjoy baking, cooking, crafting, sewing, volunteering and playing with my children. My inspirational mantra is: Why would you choose failure when success is an option! When life slows down, or I have something to say, you can find me writing on Mommy’s Memorandum www.jonbonjovious.blogspot.com or contributing to SAHMREVIEWS.com and Trendy Treehouse.

Camille Langston (in her own words)
I am a thirty-something mommy of two beautiful daughters, with two identities: By day, I work full-time as an employment recruiter, with a 60-mile daily commute, living in a world governed by policies and professionalism. And by night, I transform into a mother, living in a world where everything is governed by “Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Moe” and fun. Like so many other moms, I wish I could stay at home with them, but certain situations require my working full-time. I blog about ideas and resources for maximizing limited time spent with our greatest assets, and adventures in the lifelong game of balance!

The Mom’s Squad will be sent on various missions to test out their new cars. And while the average person isn’t part of the Mom’s Squad, they can take part anyway.

Visit www.chevymomstimeout.com to check out their adventure stories and enter to win a Mom’s Time Out spa weekend and the beautiful Waldorf Astoria in Park City as well as a gift certificate to the Golden Door Spa!

For even more prizes, you can test drive a Chevy Malibu or Traverse at your nearest Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealer and you’ll receive a complimentary Massage Session at Massage Envy!

You can read more about it at www.chevymomstimeout.com.

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