5 Essential Tips for Working from Home

5 Essential Tips for Working from Home
With more and more women pursuing a career out of their own homes, how can you set yourself up for success?
Carly Hazen, an executive recruiter with Prince, Perelson and Associates, shares five essential tips for the stay-at-home employee.

Define your workspace

You will have a much easier time focusing on work if you create a private, dedicated space for a home office that is free from distractions and has easy access to everything needed for the job. Because this room is dedicated to working, keep it tidy and well-organized. That way, when you enter it, you know consciously what you’re there to do: go to work.

Dress for success

Don’t stay in pajamas, unshaved and unkempt. Instead, eat breakfast, have a shower and get dressed. Enhancing your professional appearance can improve your demeanor over the phone and through email correspondence and will change your state of mind from “I’m at home” to “I’m at work”.

Create a schedule and stick to it

One of the best parts of working at home is the flexibility it affords you, but without some planning and self-discipline, you can quickly find yourself with looming deadlines and unmet commitments. Creating a schedule that works for you and your family is essential. Know when you will be able to work productively and without distraction, and then schedule to work during those times.

Set boundaries

When you are trying to concentrate on working, even minor interruptions can be very disruptive. It is important to create clear agreements with your family as to when you can and cannot be disturbed, and make sure everyone sticks to it. Also try to position your workspace where you can’t easily hear the rest of your family, and when you’re working, close the door!

Leave the house every day

Working from home can cause trepidation because it’s easy for life to invade your work, but it’s equally dangerous for work to invade your life. Gain some perspective by leaving the house at least once every day: take your dog for a walk, get some lunch or go to the gym. Your home is a place to escape the chaos of the world, so be careful not to allow your personal space to consume you with work.

Carly Hazen is the Director of Legal Recruitment for Prince, Perelson & Associates and a partner in the Finance and Accounting recruitment division.


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