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Creative Ideas Using Cupcake Baking Cups

Creative Ideas Using Cupcake Baking Cups

Cupcake baking cups are available in many fun and unique colors, patterns and shapes and are perfect for many projects outside the kitchen.

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares fun, fabulous and unique uses for cupcake liners!


Use a Styrofoam form such as a tree, topiary, ball, etc. Use straight pins with a ball head to attach baking cups to the outside of the form. Layer the baking cups using large and small for added fullness. Be creative mixing colors and styles of baking cups. A fun idea is to dip the edges of the baking cup in glue and then glitter before attaching to the form. Items can be added inside the baking cups such as buttons, flowers, photos, etc. Spiral roses can be made from the baking cups by flattening the cup and cutting into a spiral then rolling from the starting end into a rose-like flower. These make darling shower decorations. Tiny topiaries look cute when stuck in the top of a cupcake.


Use a Styrofoam or other type wreath form in the shape desired. Place baking cups onto wreath using straight pins (with a ball head) or glue bunching them up as desired. Cover entire front of form. Decorate with ribbons and other items.

Chinese Lanterns

Glue baking cups to the outside of a paper Chinese lantern, covering the entire surface, Add small baking cups inside some of the large for added dimension. These are pretty as is or when used with a light inside the paper lantern.

Strand Lights

Use a strand of lights and carefully insert each bulb on the strand through the center of a baking cup making a tiny shade. (Punch a hole in the center of the baking cup if needed.) This is great for a party or holiday. Be creative using different sized baking cups as well as styles such as foil.

Flower Pops

A pretty spring gift or party favor can be made using lollipops and cupcake liners. Layer several liners together (depending how full you want the flower) folding some in half and some flat. Punch a hole through the center of the baking cups. Wrap a lollipop in cellophane and tuelle if unwrapped and insert stick through hole. Tie a piece of tuelle around the stick under the wrappers to hold the “flower” in place. Add a ribbon or leaf tag. These can be very casual or elegant depending on the type of lollipops and baking cups used.

Gift Bows

Layer several sizes of baking cups together creating a full layered grouping. Use this as a “bow” on a gift or package. Cut down the sides of some of the liners if desired and slit the sides of others to fan out to form a flat “flower.” Be creative! Add spiral flowers, buttons, silk flowers, pom poms, rhinestones, beads, etc. to the centers. Spray with glitter or Glimmer Mist for a fun sparkle effect or dye ink for a vintage look.

Jar Toppers

Turn baking cups upside down and place over the tops of jars and wrap with ribbon for gift giving. Cut the baking cups down for a different look. Little jars of jams and honey look really cute this way. These make a great hostess gift.


Baking cups make great garlands. They can be flattened or strung as is and combined with many items for amazing garlands. Another fun option is to flatten the baking cups, layer them together and cut into spirals. Simply hang the spirals from a string, wire or ribbon for a fun confetti look garland.

Display Jars

Baking cups looks really trendy displayed in glass jars. There are so many unique baking cups available from whimsical to vintage to elegant that there are styles for everyone. Google “cupcake liners,” “cupcake baking cups,” etc. for many great resources for purchasing baking cups.

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