5 New Photo Accessories

5 New Photo Accessories

Taking photos has just gotten even easier for the “Mom-tographer” who likes
to snap adorable photos of family and friends. New photo accessories can
make getting that perfect photo a “snap.”

Studio 5 Contributor Lesli Harker shares her favorite photo finds.

1. Shutterbuddies (SLR)
These adorable little creatures go over your SLR lens and attract the eyes of
busy little kids. And just in case you’re still having trouble getting their
attention, it also has a squeaker.
Shutterbuddies are handmade and sold be at Utah mom at her Etsy store.

They start at $17 at www.shutterbuddies.co
a typo).

2. ShutterBuddy (Point and Shoot)
Don’t have a DSLR? No problem! This product is made for point and shoot
cameras. Coincidentally, it’s called the Shutterbuddy. It was invented by a
husband and wife who just wanted their baby to look at the camera. The
black and white pattern is proven to jump out at infants while their vision is
developing. They can’t help but look at the pattern, and as a result, they
look directly into the camera lens. It folds up small for convenience.

$14.95 at www.shutter-

3. CraftyStaci Lens cap pocket

For me, having somewhere to put my lens cap is more important than having
a cute camera strap. CraftyStaci on Etsy makes this lens cap pocket which
on any camera strap. There are more than 150 fabrics in three sizes to
choose from.

$7.00 at www.craftystaci.etsy.com.

4. Waterproof case for Point and Shoot Cameras, like the DicaPac

A good waterproof camera can be more than $200. This case, which makes
YOUR camera waterproof, goes for $20-25. Just slip your camera in, seal it
up, and jump in the water! Now you can make memories underwater and
your photos will still be sharp. Perfect for vacations or pool parties.

$25 on Amazon.com

5. Lensbaby Fisheye Lens

This last product is for moms wanting to spend a little more. Lensbaby
lenses are already known for being mom-friendly and the fisheye lens is their
newest offering. Put this lensbaby on your Canon or Nikon camera and just
watch as your kids actually want to be photographed. Fisheye lenses are so
wide, and let you get so much into frame, they kind of distort the subject.
It’s like dancing in front of those crazy mirrors at a carnival.

To put the price in perspective, Canon sells a fisheye lens for $700. The lens
baby is only $250 at Pictureline. It’s probably the cheapest fisheye lens you
can find on the market.

$250 – Pictureline

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