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5 products, 5 minutes! This summer beauty routine is perfect for on-the-go-days

You can finish this summer beauty routine in five minutes!

Feel put together for a pool day or a trip to the park, without spending hours on your makeup!

Rebekah Rice shares a five-minute, five-product summer beauty routine.

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The 5-Minute, 5-Product Summer Beauty Routine

Minimal makeup is all the rage, and it’s perfect for those busy mom days when you want to look polished without much effort. Rebekah understands the struggle and has come up with a quick and easy routine to help you achieve that minimal yet pulled-together look in no time.

Before diving into the makeup, Rebekah emphasizes the importance of skincare. Taking care of your skin is the foundation for any good makeup look. A tinted serum is her secret weapon. It’s 80% skincare and 20% makeup, providing a subtle, even skin tone while nourishing your skin. Use a big fluffy brush to apply the serum for a soft and even application.

When it comes to eyes, simplicity is key. Rebekah suggests skipping eyeliner and sticking to one or two neutral eyeshadow colors. Blend them softly for a natural look that opens up your eyes. You can stop here if you’re satisfied with the result.

For an extra touch of radiance, apply bronzer. It gives you that sun-kissed glow and a boost of confidence. Use a big fluffy brush or your fingers to apply the bronzer wherever the sun naturally hits your face.

Finally, add a cream blush to your cheeks. Cream blush is versatile and can be used on your eyes and lips as well. It’s a multitasking product that adds a soft and lovely touch to your overall look.

And don’t forget the SPF! Always protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

So, next time you’re heading out for a fun day under the sun, remember this five-minute beauty routine. You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can achieve a pulled-together look that suits your busy lifestyle. Say goodbye to hours spent on makeup and hello to quick and easy beauty!

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