5 Reasons You May Be Tired

Dr. Lister is a physician of Wasatch Ob/gyn and has 5 reasons why you may be in the slump and what you can do to get back on track.

#1 Lifestyle – We all are burning the candle on both ends at times and if we continue this for extended periods, we become chronically tired. You should get at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This means no children in the bed and sleeping through the night without interruption! Very few women get this consistently. Also, are you consuming caffeine or alcohol prior to bed? Or even exercising at night? This can be disruptive for restorative sleep. If you’re overweight or have excessive snoring, sleep apnea can also be a culprit.

Good sleep habits – 7-8 hours nightly. Only sleep in bed, don’t watch TV or read there. Try to exercise in the morning. Don’t take naps after 3 pm and nap only for 20 minutes if possible. Do not consume caffeine after lunch or alcohol just prior to bed.

#2 Anemia – Frequent blood loss through regular heavy menses, internal bleeding, recent surgery, or birth can also be a cause of fatigue. Your blood carries oxygen to the rest of your body with hemoglobin, which is iron rich. If your body does not receive enough oxygen, you become tired. Evaluation is a simple blood test and treatment is iron supplementation, which is sold over the counter.

#3 Thyroid disease – By age 60, 17% of women will have a sluggish thyroid and won’t realize it. Your thyroid gland regulates your metabolism. If it is not working properly, you may feel slow, tired, run down and even slightly depressed. It is a frequent concern for increased weight gain. The test is a simple blood draw to ensure everything is in order.

#4 Pregnancy – Make sure your not pregnant! Feeling exhausted in the first trimester of pregnancy is extremely common. Try to continue to exercise to keep your energy up and nap when possible. Same sleeping rules apply!

#5 Depression– 7 % of adults will have a major depression diagnosed each year and Utah is about double that rate. If you have feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness most days, if you have lost interest in things that you usually enjoy, if you are more irritable or have difficulty making decisions, this could be depression. A simple PHQ-9 (patient health questionnaire -9) can help determine whether you are depressed and what treatment is necessary.

Dr. Lister is a physician of Wasatch Ob/gyn located in Ogden, UT. She specializes in high risk and normal pregnancies, abnormal paps, gynecologic surgery including laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive incontinence procedures, annual exams and hysterectomies. She is currently accepting new patients.

Dr Lister moved to Utah in 2006 from Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two boys. Her family loves the outdoor activities and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Her hobbies include playing sports, specifically outdoor volleyball, gardening, skiing, or anything that gets her outside and MOVING!

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