Standard Optical: Back to School Eyewear

Aaron Schubach with Standard Optical talks about fun eyewear your children will love.

Eyeglass Trends for this season

New lines for tweens, teens and college students offer fun styles

Plastics, more than metals, are in this year

You’ll love bright colors

Details on temples add great accents

Popular brands include Rampage, Lacoste, Candies, and
Bratz (for little kids)

Sunglass Trends for this season

Bigger frames

Bright colors

Plastics with thick temples

About Standard Optical

Standard Optical has 17 statewide locations from Logan to St. George. They specialize in full-scope comprehensive eyewear and eye care, including examinations, glasses, contact lenses and LASIK vision correction. Standard Optical was founded in Salt lake City in 1911, making 2009 its 98th year in business, so you can be sure of its quality and customer satisfaction.

For information about Standard Optical, call 1-800-EYECARE or visit

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