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5 Secrets of Happy Dads

A recent study by three leading universities found being a parent is
associated with more happiness and meaning in life, especially for married

Therapist Julie Hanks, LCSW with Wasatch Family Therapy, shares five secrets
of happy dads.

Secret #1: Invest in Family

While many fathers feel the weight of providing financially for their families,
happy dads are also actively engaged in their family life. They view work as a
means to take care of their family, not as the source of their self-worth.

Secret #2: Participate in Parenting

Your presence is important to your child’s overall well-being. Take an active
role in caring for, talking to, and spending time with your child.

Secret #3: Remember Your Marriage

Express regular appreciate to your wife for her contributions to family life.
Planning regular date nights, vacations or get-a-ways, and regular emotional
check-in time with your partner will help create a fulfilling marriage.

Secret #4: Take Care of Your Health

Physically healthy people are generally happier. A pattern of physical activity,
good nutrition, regular sleep patterns, and regular health checkups, not only
help improve your mood and outlook, but it also provides your family with a
positive example of a healthy lifestyle.

Secret #5: Nurture Male Friendships

Whether it’s a game of racquetball, a golf game, or movie night, having
regular time with supportive male friends, outside of work hours, is
important to overall happiness.

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