5 Style Classics to Invest In

Style is expressive. Style is personal. And style is whatever is flattering on
your body, and friendly to your wallet. Fashion is simply style reinvented.
When a new look is introduced, it evolves and reemerges through the
seasons with some semblance of its original design, but with a new twist to
appeal to its current audience. To identify with the looks of a season in the
Fashion and Beauty industry, I categorize the looks into the 3 groups
below. This helps me to advise my clients in their purchases and allows me
to intelligently expand or update my own wardrobe.

Fad: Here today, gone tomorrow. Generally bold, sometimes
shocking. Often, not for everyone.

Lifecycle: 4-6 months

Think: Neon, power beads, leg warmers.

Tip: Don’t spend a lot of money and don’t amass a huge
collection. Pick one or two items, wear them until the fad passes. If you
truly loved the items, put them in your time capsule box until they
reemerge reinvented a few years later.

Trend: These looks enter with a boom and then stick around for
a few seasons although the style is often altered or evolved in its lifecycle.
Lifecycle: 2-4 years

Think: Embellished tops, large flower accessories, skinny jeans
Tip: If you like it, this is where you have freedom to purchase it in a couple
of different styles of colors. Find a cardigan you like? Buy it in 2 colors and
make each look different with belts, scarves, skirts and other accessories.

Classic : These styles or items can be sophisticated yet subtle.
You will never feel “dated” when wearing these-no matter the season, no
matter the generation. And they will always be available on a ready-to-
wear rack.

Lifecycle: Timeless

Think: tailored blazer, all-leather riding boots, denim jacket,
animal prints

Tip: Invest in these key pieces. These are your staples, the
clothing that can cement a fad or a trend and make it stylish on YOU. These
items should fit you like a glove and be the clothing you can always count
on for comfort, style and sophistication.

Five Style Classics to Invest In:

1. White cotton, long sleeve, button down, collared shirt

A staple in any wardrobe this one item can be worn MANY different ways.
Alone, it is subtle and reflects reliability. Paired with something reflects
smart creativity. Yes, it’s white. But Hooray! It’s white! It can be washed
with bleach to maintain its white and is as versatile as, well as is the color

Ways to Wear It:

· Over a shirt with a belt at the waist

· Tucked in with a pair of jeans and graphic t-shirt peeking through

· Sleeves rolled up and shirt tails tied in knot at the waist (think shrug to
make ANY sleeveless shirt more modest)

· Over a tank strap dress with scarf or chain belt at waist

· Under a jacket or vest

· With jeans or trousers

· Casual or dressy

Style Tip: For extra sleeve length and a sophisticated element of
style, I prefer French cuffed sleeves with cuff links. When I travel to foreign
countries, I look for cuff links to reflect an element of my trip whether a
native artisan craft or a cultural nuance. Then, when I wear them, I
remember my travels and that while style is personal, it can be found

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt will always stand the test of time. With lines that are straight,
tailored, and structured the cut of this skirt can complement even the most
outrageous tops. It is also appropriate for religious events or even the
office and best to purchase in a navy, chocolate, charcoal, black, tan or
cream to accommodate any trend color of the season. A pencil skirt is a
wardrobe basic, and is a true classic.

Ways to Wear It:

· For the most flattering fit opt for slightly above or slightly below the

· Pair with a sweater, tights and boots for a classy casual look.

· A class act when worn with a silk blouse, sheer hose, and a fabulous
heel (think animal print or solid red)

· A great companion for flouncy cardigans because it shows off the
flounce with a grounded “base”

3. Boutique Jeans

You put them on and shazaam, you can conquer the world! They look
amazing, they feel like a second skin, they are long enough, don’t ride, and
cover what you want. In a wash that goes with anything in your closet and
with just the right detail (bling, stitching) for your individual style these are
your go-to pants. An investment? Yes, you will spend $85-150. Worth it?
Every single penny…

Style Tip: Boutique brands vary not only by design but by cut/fit.
You may need to alter even boutique jeans to your ideal fit. This is ok.
Once they fit like a glove, you will get more wear out of them than any
other pair of pants.

· For jeans that sit higher on your hips: try Rock Revival or Not My
Mother’s Jeans

· For jeans that hit mid-hip, try Miss Me or MEK

· For jeans that are low rise: Rock Republic or Citizens of Humanity

· Jeans for long legs: Laguna Beach, Rock Revival

4. A Strand of Pearls

Whether long, short or neck cuff; whether real or costume does not matter.
Pearls can take any outfit and transcend its style.
Ways to Wear It:

· Wear with jeans for a playful feel.

· Wear with the little black dress and you are ready for Breakfast at

· Layer multiple lengths and strands with a cardigan and the style no
longer looks “easy to put together”

· Small strand a puffy vest goes from sporty to sportive (think Target to

5. A Pashmina

With the weather in constant flux, at any random moment you may need to
keep the chills away. With a Pashmina in close reach you can always stay
warm in style. Wrap around your arms, wear as a scarf or simply lay it on
your lap as a small blanket. This is a versatile option to cut the chills while
keeping your style intact.

Ways to Wear It:

· Cotton is good option for frequent use as it is generally machine
washable. It provide a little less warmth than its wool counterpart but often
times there is more fabric to wrap up into.

· Cashmere is the ideal option for wrap or scarf as it lays perfectly no
matter its placement and its texture adds a visual element of classic
sophistication. Beware of inexpensive “silk” version as the weave is not
tight and they snag very easily. Dry clean only is recommended with a cost
of around $5 to clean.

· Choose a neutral color to go with anything, or opt for a bold color to
make a statement.

Wrap a pashmina around your arms, wear as a scarf or simply lay it on your
lap as a small blanket. This is a versatile option to cut the chills without
cutting the style. From cotton to cashmere – you can find darling styles at
Nordstrom, Macy’s or any large department retailer ($15-65).

Holly Stone is no stranger to business and the beauty industry. Starting as a
model at the age of 14 she decided that she preferred to be behind the
scenes rather than in front of the camera. She choreographed fashion
shows, selected models for events and assisted her agency with make-up.

Her skill for make-up artistry quickly became recognized and the demand
for her talent launched a career that would take her all over the country.
She received a bachelor’s degree, and took a position as VP of
Merchandising for Overstock.com. There she learned the business skills of
resourcing, buying, marketing, and negotiating. She moved on to train in
Los Angeles at AWARD, a leading make-up artist school in the west.

Today, with her business skills and her passion for the art of make-up, she
manages a successful career as an educator and a veteran make-up artist
of 16 years. She works in various media with actors/actresses, models,
brides, and photographers. She is a consultant to several cosmetic
distributors, spas, and salons where she teaches application and technique.
She is a nationally recognized educator of cosmetic application and is a
personal image consultant to people ranging from high position corporate
figures to the every day woman.

Holly is the owner of Re-Creation Studio, School of Media Make-up Artistry.
For information about her classes, visit www.learntodomakeup.com

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