Man Cave “Milestone” Birthday

We love to throw a good party, but today we are ditching the doilies and
hanging up the ribbon for something a little more manly!

Studio 5 Contributor Mandy Douglass says whether your man is turning 30,
40, 50 or 60, throw him the kind of party he will love!

Every man I talk to doesn’t love the idea of a party in his honor, and about
95% would rather not have it be a surprise. But I think we would all agree
that milestone birthdays are to show our love for them on their special day!
Here are some fun tips and tricks on how to make it special for your man.

Find what your man loves!

Most men I know love their caves. It could be a garage, or it could be a
work zone, however it usually includes tools, a little grease, and a whole lot
of testosterone! So the vision in planning a party for my man would take
place in a warehouse, or garage setting.


Next, If he isn’t going to let you surprise him, then you must find a way to
embarrass him somehow. For my husbands 30th Birthday I made an
invitation using pictures from his childhood. I even found one of him
blowing out his candles. Along with the invitation, I sent cards for each
special person in his life to write a note or special memory to him. This was
great for those who couldn’t make it to his party.

A great personalized gift

At the party I also decided to present him with a book I made about him. It
had pictures from his childhood, his teenage years, and the years from our
marriage to present. It was great to show people all about him!

Party Décor

I wanted to make the décor masculine, not girly, so I went to the hardware
store. There I found duct tape for a table cloth. Fencing to wrap the table,
newspaper for a banner, lights to line the table. I saved some cans from the
kitchen to be the silverware holders, and saved the can lids to help hold up
the nameplates for the food.

For specialty items such as striped straws, unique table ware, and even
darling party bags, be sure to visit
. They have a fabulous collection and even a great shipping time!
Everything got to me within a few days!

The Birthday Cake

Since I chose a more “Masculine” Theme, I took a color pallet, pictures, and
ideas to Dippidee in American Fork. They designed a beautiful cake to suit
my Masculine style.

Games or no Games … that is the question

Men don’t really love games. But men do love to throw sharp objects. That
is why we created a dart board of balloons. The guests can pop the
balloons and inside will be a question about the birthday boy. If they guess
the question correct, then they get a prize. Simple game, great way to help
guests know the birthday boy better, and fun way to compete with the
other men!! Be sure to visit Pioneer Party in Lehi! They can help you pick
custom balloon colors, as well as the perfect place for darts!!

Food {the most important part}
When thinking of food for men, think outside the box!

Bacon & Eggs Chocolates – Otherwise known as the Grand Slam
for instructions and idea visit http://nancyvnjourney.blogsp

7 Layer dip – Individual portion sizes. Displayed with chips in darling
chevron bags (from shop sweet lulu)

Buffalo Wings – What guy doesn’t love them? Serve them with some celery
sticks and blu-cheese dressing to dip!

Pulled Pork Sliders – Every man has to have a little meat! Why not pick
something they love!

Pigs in a Blanket – The perfect bite sized portion, that reminds each “boy at
heart” of his childhood. Be sure to serve it with mustard on the side!

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