5 Summer Trends to Try

Just because something is “trendy,” doesn’t mean you should wear it – but these are five safe summer trends to try.

Fashion consultant and co-founder Emily McCormick reveals the style statements she has her eye on.

This summer think CRISP. All of our trends today are meant to add a little boldness to your summer attire.

1. Head-to-Toe Monochrome
The one-color outfit is exciting, bold and completely new; we haven’t seen even hints of this in the recent past. It’s a very quick way to make a statement.

· Mixing tones. Mix the color tone of pieces in your outfit to give dimension, while staying within the same color.

· Print accessories. Add an accessory with a fun print (animal print, floral etc.) to break up the look.

2. Wide Leg Pants
In a fabulous departure from non-stop skinnies, widelegs have made their way back in, in a whole new way with slouchy fabrics and prints at their core.

· Casual. This season brings a departure from what used to be a dress pant. Go with a slouchy (silk, rayon, etc.) fabric, pair with a T-shirt and some leather flip-flops for a fabulous summer look.

· Prints. Florals, geometrics, chevron; you name it they’re out there. Do a printed pant, with a plain T to make a statement.

3. Neon Brights
Makes a statement. Even with a dreary old skirt or pants, neon adds electricity to the look.

· Casual meets dressy. Put a slouchy neon sweater with a silk skirt or a silk neon blouse with boyfriend jeans.

· Monochrome. Neons are great tone to mix to create a monochromatic look.

4. Summer Stripes
‘Tis the decade for stripe-a-palooza. The stripe has proved its staying power.

· The stripe mix. Incorporate pieces with stripes going different directions (horizontal striped shirt with vertical stripe pockets).

· Accessories. Striped bags, shoes and scarves are a great way to add texture to an outfit.

5. Piping
Piping used to be what you’d wear to a luncheon in a wool suit. No more! It’s made its way into casual and even alternative looks as a subtle way to add flavor.

· Colored/printed piping. Goodbye black or white. Piping with attitude is in this season.

· Blouses. An otherwise plain blouse is made modern with a little piping.

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