5 Ways to Show Children Love

Hugs and kisses go a long way, but sometimes kids need a little something more to know how much you love them!

Studio 5 Party and Holiday Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares 5 creative ideas to show your kids how special they are.

Memory Bedtime Box:
This is an idea to help kids remember fun things they have done in the past by hearing about the adventure in a personalized bedtime story. To create a bedtime box, you will need a unique box or container. Fill the box with items that have meaning or can be associated to a time or event that involved the child (vacations, school events, special days, family activities, etc.). Examples of items might be photos, souvenirs, fabric, trinkets, etc. At bedtime let the child choose an item from the box and tell the child a fun story about them that is associated with the item. (For example a seashell…tell all about what they did when they went to the ocean). A twist on this would just to fill a box with creative items and then make up a fictional story with the child being the hero using the item in the story somehow.

Personalized Plate:
Purchase a clear dinner plate. Use this plate to serve dinner on for a child when you want to recognize something special about them. Simply adhere (using spray adhesive or removable adhesive) underneath the plate, face up, a message for the child. For example – adhere strips of paper with messages for things like getting an A on a school paper, losing a tooth, learning to tie shoes, growing two inches, getting braces off their teeth, etc. The plate could be used randomly and messages switched easily. This idea is based on the special red plates that are sometimes used at dinner to recognize a special day.

Fortunate Fridays:
Tell your children you are so fortunate to have them and every Friday will be “Fortunate Friday.” Simply place a personalized fortune cookie with a message to them in their lunch box (or at their place setting at dinner) on Fridays. To create personalized fortune cookies, place purchased cookies in the microwave for a few seconds and they will soften. Quickly pull out the fortune inside and replace with a personalized paper fortune you have made for the child. This is a lot of fun!

Secret Pocket Pillowcase:
Purchase or make a pillowcase using fun fabric. Sew a small pocket (that can be closed with Velcro if desired) in the hem of the pillowcase or sew a pocket onto a purchased one. Periodically place little notes, treats or surprises into the pocket as the child sleeps. This is a fun way to leave little messages to your children in a creative way.

Sweet Sentiments:
This idea works well for teens as it allows you to let them know you love, appreciate and think about them without them feeling too smothered. Most teens love to eat and enjoy treats so always keep a lookout for unique items that would work for this. Simply buy candy bars, drinks, snack packages, gum, mints, etc. (or gift cards for a pizza, smoothie, ice cream, etc.). Write creative messages that correspond to the food item and wrap it around it the item. (Examples: I love you more than all the stars in the Milky Way! or Don’t think I am a Nerd but your mom thinks you are awesome! or Hey Big Hunk – good luck on your test today!) Leave these randomly and periodically for your teen in creative places such as on the car sun visor, in their backpack, in the morning box of cereal, under their pillow, in a coat pocket, etc.

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