After 15 years, Melanie Douglass is saying goodbye! Here is what she’s up to next…

It’s been 15 years of workouts and health tips, all thanks to Health & Fitness Contributor Melanie Douglass. Now, she is taking a step back from Studio 5 to start a new phase.

Melanie shares what is next for her. She shares what her mission is as a fitness instructor, and details on a fun opportunity you can get in on!

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  • You are great …. i keep trying to loose weight its a struggle for me.. the diet part is the hardest… i need to work on my stomach for sure… you did a great job i wished i would of seen more of your woorkouts is there a place i can see them.. struggle mainly with my stomach

    • Hi Linda! You can search Melanie’s name on our website and find all of the workouts she has shared over the years. Hope this helps!