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Start your new year the way winners do. 3 lifestyle shifts you’ll be able to keep

These new year goals are how winners live.

It’s possible to get overwhelmed by new year’s resolutions. There may be so many goals you try to make that you end up keeping none of them. We are simplifying the sorting process by asking one question: what do winners do?

Life Coach Tiffany Peterson says that with a few mindset and habit shifts, you can feel like a winner in 2023. She shares the three things winners do.

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3 New Year Goals for Winners

  1. Mindset. They develop a winning mindset. Winners take ownership for their lives and their results. They are accountable. They aren’t living in the blame game. With taking ownership, they are empowered to take actions, create change, move in the direction of what they desire. Ownership of our lives, our happiness, our results. We are the captain of our fates.


  1. Healthy habits. There are several healthy habits that set us up to thrive, one of them is the power of a morning ritual. The way we start our day shapes our day. Create a morning ritual to begin your day with nourishment. Body, mind, spirit. What nourishes you? Begin your day with intention and this will have a massive positive impact upon you.


  1. Imperfect action. Winners take action. Willing to try and go for it. This is why I say imperfect action — the willingness to take action even if it’s not “perfect”. Too many people wait or are held captive by fear that they will move forward only if it’s perfect. Winners take more imperfect action and action creates movement. I love to ask myself and my coaching clients, “Are you willing to take imperfect action to achieve your goals?” This is game changer to winning in any area of your life.

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