A Birthday in a Box

A Birthday in a Box

Make celebrating a birthday as easy as 1,2,3! From the invitations to the
paper supplies and decorations, bundle it all together and you are ready to
party! Send your loved ones a birthday box in the mail, or keep one on
hand for your own celebrations.

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares fun
ways to celebrate a birthday in a box!

A box filled with an entire birthday party is a reason to celebrate!

· Be creative with the “box” or container. Wrap a box with wrapping
paper or stamp/paint the outside for a fun festive look. Try big stripes or
polka dots, etc.

· Other containers besides a regular box might work well such as a cute
basket, small suitcase, a plastic bin, etc. Look around for unique

· Repackage pre-bought items such as a cake mix, candles, sprinkles,
etc. into cute cellophane, glassine, paper or organza bags or other
packaging such as tiny jars. Tie up items with ribbons or strings such as a
bundle of forks, etc. Make everything cute and coordinated with a
homemade touch.

· Follow a theme for items in the box such as a color, a sport, a hobby,
vintage, etc.

· Do a birthday countdown box where the box is filled with small gift
items that are to be opened one per day until the birthday.

· Big balloon surprise: fill a big box with helium balloons so when it is
opened they float up and away. I like to attach the balloons on long
ribbons and tie to the bottom of the box so the stay in a cluster. You could
write messages on the balloons if desired.

· A birthday in a box is great gift to send to someone far away such as a
missionary, someone in the military, a person away at school, etc. A fun
gift from a grandparent as well. Make sure to be aware of postal

Ideas for items to put in box:
Cake mix
Disposable baking pan or mixing bowl
Birthday candles – musical candles are fun
Candle holders
Dry drink mix
Crepe paper streamers
Table covering
Cake server
Cake toppers
Confetti – photo confetti, shaped confetti, pieces of curling ribbon etc.

Napkins (check out napkins by Trivia Party Starters – they are napkins
printed with
questions/trivia that come in different themes that are great for parties and
mingling. It
could be used as a game: www.triviapartystarters.com
Paper plates
Party blowers or noisemakers
Party hats
Birthday crown
Paper lanterns
Birthday cards – musical cards are fun and readily available for
Party banner
Cute apron
DVD of birthday wishes from friends and family
Photo book with photos of friends and family with birthday wishes included
as the text
A sound recording of family and friends singing happy birthday
A cd of party music
Cute cupcake liners or wraps
Cupcake toppers – these are cute homemade
A happy birthday poster (a cute idea is to take a photo of family or friends
holding a personalized
birthday sign and including that in the package)
Loose or packaged candy – big lollipops are fun or bags of gumballs
A disposable camera
Placemats or doilies
Strands of fun mini lights
A pop up or simple centerpiece
Paper party/card games – birthday bingo, trivia games, pin the tail on the
donkey type games, etc.
Small items that coordinate with theme – plastic dinosaurs, plastic
necklaces, feather boas, etc.
Gift card, money or a coupon for ice cream or dinner
Small wrapped birthday gifts

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