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A Very Vintage Christmas

Michelle Virtue, with BYU Campus Craft and Floral, shares the keys to pulling off a “very vintage Christmas.”

One of the hottest trends for home and holiday décor is retro vintage. If you’re getting tired of the traditional green tree, white lights, and red ornaments, it might be time to turn back the clock to an era of flocked trees, colorful ornaments, and décor full of personality.

There are 3 keys to successful vintage holiday décor:
1. Be BRAVE with color! Pastels are classic retro vintage, but play     with what you have and what you like.
2. Use aged whites and metals.
3. Let your personality shine! In the world of retro vintage,     QUIRKEY is KING.

Just ask yourself what your great-grandmother would have hung on her tree!

Vintage Chenille Tree Instructions

Supplies Needed:
-3/8″ diameter wooden dowel
-White acrylic craft paint
-Hand drill with a 1/16-1/8″ bit
-Chenille stems in your color of choice. Quantity depends on the   size and fullness of your tree. We used about 50 stems in our   tree.
-40-60 silver beads with hole large enough for chenille stem
-White styrofoam block large enough to fill container
-Silver cup or vase
-Accessories to cover foam (felt, rock salt, mini Christmas balls,   fabric, paper, etc.)

Paint the dowel white, let dry. Cut to 17″ in length (or your preference). Using 1/16″ drill bit drill holes every ¼” moving in a circular fashion as you work your way up the dowel so the holes face a different direction each time. Cut chenille stems in graduated lengths and push them in half-way through the holes to make the stems. We used stem lengths varying from 2-11.” Add silver beads on every other branch OR, if you have plenty of beads and you’re feeling ambitious, put them on all the stems. You can leave the stems straight or curled.

Cut foam block to fit snugly into your container. Adhere with glue, if necessary. Push bottom of tree’s dowel into the foam and cover with balls, felt, paper, fake snow, cotton balls, etc.

For a great selection of fresh flowers and home décor, visit BYU Campus Craft & Floral:
Campus Craft & Floral
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