Decorating With Snowflakes

Designer Tausha Hoyt from Sassy Style Redesign shares ways to glue, glitter, stitch or spray paint your own winter wonderland!

Stick it to em…

Grab your kids and go to town with paint sticks. Yes, these are the kind of sticks you get for free at home improvement stores! (but you have to ask) If you go to paint specialty store, they have the extra-long sticks. These are great for an extra-large size. I also used rulers, popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers, tongue depressors, thin dowels, circle shapes and pretty much any other wood shape you would like to add. I just went to my craft store and looked in their “woodsies” section. I bought one of everything.

Then you get to layering. Let your kids just go to town with this. They don’t need to be perfect! Glue everything together with hot glue. When you have finished your snow creations, you can paint them with a brush or spray paint them. It’s up to you. If you want to, you can also add some touches of glitter. Everything looks better with a bit of sparkle!

For complete step by step instructions, with pictures, you can head over to my blog.

Who knew snow could look this fabulous!

Find a large frame. Paint it a wintery color. I chose a soft blue. I then suspended snowflakes from fishing wire. You can use all kinds of snowflakes made of all kinds of textures. Be creative, there are no rules! This would look great on a mantel or even hanging on the wall. You could also do smaller versions and hang them in your windows. If you want to hang multiple frames in one window, you will want to either paint them all the same color, or a shade that is in the same family. It will make it look more cohesive and put together.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

I just picked up some stockings in blue and green, but you could add red or really whatever color you want. I then cut out some batting to look like snow drifts. I just glued the “drifts” to the top of the stocking and wrapped the batting all the way around. I glittered some and some I didn’t. This is just something fun and simple to do to add a little bit of spunk to your plain, boring stockings.

Custom Snowstorms…

You all remember what it was like to make snowflakes in school. No two ever looked alike! They made a mess, but they were such fun to make. Well pull the memories out and go to town with your family. Not sure how to make a snowflake? Google it, or better yet, make it family event and head to the library and check out some books. Cut to your heart’s content. When everyone is finished, you can add some glitter with glitter paint or the real stuff.

Or just color them if you don’t prefer the mess When everyone is satisfied, iron the snowflakes. If you colored them with crayons, you will want to use a piece of wax paper between you and the iron. By ironing, they look like a custom, special, piece of art. Frame them singularly, or multiples in one large frame. You could even make a garland to hang from your tree. It would be fun to make this a tradition and save the snowflakes from year to year. Everyone will feel “snow” special!

Soft as a pillow…

I found felt snowflakes at the dollar store. So, I found a pillow that I liked and I GLUED the snowflake onto the pillow. I then embellished it just a bit and voila! Pillow perfection! All for a dollar!! These would be fun to make and give as gifts or better yet, gift them to yourself.

It’s all in the details…

Find an evergreen wreath, or use any wreath that you prefer. String it with some glittered snowballs. You can make them or you can find these snowball ornaments at the dollar store. It is such a simple thing, yet makes the wreath look custom! Cheap, easy and fabulous!

Window clings without the windows?

Strange, weird, what is she thinking? I know, but trust me. This is the most simple thing you can do! I found some super cute snowflake window clings at the grocery store. I just stuck them to the glass of some frames and then backed the glass with some simple scrapbook paper.
You can hang these in a series on your wall or I think that they would be darling in a bathroom. Add a couple of window clings to the top of the mirror and you are good to go. Festive without the fuss!

Check out Tasha’s blog, for more inspiring do it yourself projects!

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