A Winter for Snofling

Duane Erickson, the creator of the Snofling, demonstrated the Snofling and shared some of the history of the toy.


Duane actually came up with the idea by accident when he used a similarly shaped object to throw things. Then he realized that, with a little refinement, he could create something that would revolutionize snowballs.

The snofling has been demonstrated on the Tonight Show and various media outlets. You pack the large end down into the snow a couple times, and then just fling the snowball out. It guarantees that your hands will remain warm and the snowballs are actually softer and safer.

In warmer weather, the snofling doubles as a “Ball Fling” as you can throw balls much farther with it.

Snoflings are available at many local grocery or drug stores. Because of high demand this year, some stores have run out, so you might need to ask.

It is also easy to order them directly from their website, www.snofling.com and there are opportunities to sell them for fundraisers.

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