Ace Hardware: Helpful Fall Maintenance Tips

Ace Hardware: Helpful Fall Maintenance Tips

It’s time to tackle your fall “to-do” list. Ace Hardware has tips to help
get your home and yard ready for winter.

Fall Prep

. Change your Furnace Filters
. Replace the Batteries in your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide
. Fall Lawn Care
. Light bulb Regulations Watts vs. Lumens
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. For your best lawn, feed once in early Fall and 6-8 weeks later in late fall.

A fall feeding builds strong roots and protects the lawn for winter, so you’ll
have a healthier lawn next year. Fall is also the best time to kill weeds in
your lawn.  So whether you need to feed or feed and kill weeds, Scotts has
the right product for you

Basically you can apply winterizer up until the grass goes dormant/ turns

Potassium plays a big part in winterizing because it has been shown to
improve cold tolerance and enhance the root systems of turfgrasses. Because
lawns use nitrogen more than any other nutrient, winterizers still provide
plenty of nitrogen for late fall even though “winterizer” is usually associated
with potassium.

Some experts believe that the winterizer application is the most important
fertilizer application of the year. The extra benefit occurs because the roots
absorb and store the nutrients as they grow until the ground freezes. Those
nutrients are then available when temperatures warm in the spring for a
quick green-up. Grass plants store up energy (or carbohydrates) in the fall
for two main reasons. Blade growth slows down and less transpiration (or
evaporation) occurs due to cooler air temperatures, but photosynthesis is still
occurring. Scotts recommends that a winterizer application can encourage
grass plants to store more energy in the fall because temperatures are lower
and blade growth is minimal. So, the intent of a winterizer application should
be to provide nutrients for optimal energy storage during the fall season.

As temperatures continue to drop these products should be applied around
your home to keep bugs out and to kill those that are already
inside. Remember to always apply something inside your home first, so as to
drive them outside instead of in.

Incandescent Bulb Regulations

General Service Incandescent A-19 types can no longer be manufactured.

– Exemptions: – A-21 types including 3- way, 150 & 200 watt bulbs.

– Specialty bulbs including rough service, bug light

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