christmas card envelopes

Add an extra flourish to your Christmas card envelopes! Here’s a simple tutorial

Make your Christmas card envelopes extra special.

Mailboxes are FULL this time of year. Make your envelope stand out from the stack! A few extra little embellishments can make all the difference. All it takes is your best handwriting, and a little bit of inspiration from the pro!

Hand lettering artist Hayley Barry shows us how to do it. She shares three font techniques and layouts to try on an envelope.

Find more from Hayley on Instagram, @typeaffiliated.


Hayley Barry is a 23-year-old hand letterer and artist living in Provo Utah with her husband Allan. She is a maker of wonderful things, a believer in all things hand-made, and a lover of all things old-fashioned. Over the past couple years, Hayley has turned out beautiful custom illustration, lettering, sign painting and design work for clients in Utah and across the United States. Find Hayley on Instagram @typeaffiliated.

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