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Turn glass vases into a show stopping holiday centerpiece! Here’s how…

Pull out some glass vases for pretty holiday centerpieces!

The holidays are a time to gather, from the ward party to the family dinner. There’s one element on the table you’ll want to make sure to coordinate. A matching centerpiece can give any room a harmonious hum. There’s one supply that helps achieve that cohesive look… on a budget.

Michelle Giolas shares how to take your Christmas tablescape over the top and make the centerpiece a masterpiece.

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How to Use Glass Vases for Holiday Centerpieces

Michelle says the size for jars and candies can vary based on the number of items being used and the space inside the jar. She surrounds the jar with foraged greens, fruits, and pinecones to complete the look.

Colorful Snowy Forest Vase

  1. Place pillar candle in center of jar.
  2. Pour faux fine snow around candle.
  3.  Place various sizes and colors of small “bottle brush” trees in snow.


Floating Ornaments Jar with Floating Candle

  1. Hydrate gel water beads in water at least 8 hours before assembling—use enough to come within about for inches from top of jar.
  2. Place a layer of cleat water gel beads in bottom of jar.
  3. Place three or four assorted “no hole pearls” on top of water gel beads.
  4. Add another layer of water gel beads, then the no hole pearls.
  5. Repeat layers until about five inches from top of jar.
  6. Carefully pour in water, leaving enough room at top of jar for floating candle.


Fruit with Fairy Lights

  1. Place various hard skin or round fruits (lemons, limes, oranges, pomegranates, cranberries, or cranberries) in jar.
  2. Leave three inches from the top of jar to make room for fairy lights.


Floating Herbs, Cranberries, and Candle

  1. Place a few springs of rosemary in jar.
  2. Top with a handful of fresh cranberries.
  3. Pour in water, leaving enough room at top for floating candle.

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