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The Christmas PJ Awards: The top 6 brands for coordinated family pajama sets

Christmas PJ’s for the whole family!

We’re turning our spotlight on the best Christmas pajamas!

Style Editor Daylan Dove shares the fan favorites in six different categories.


6 of the Best Christmas PJ’s for 2023

Daylan criteria was affordability, quality, uniqueness, and availability. After all, you don’t just want cute jammies, they should also be practical for a one-season wear.

1. Classic Christmas Award: Gap Jammies

Gap secures the Classic Christmas Award for its timeless and versatile designs. Daylan says Gap for strikes a perfect balance between classic and interesting. The mix-and-match patterns add a unique touch. Gap’s commitment to quality and the ability to reinvent designs year after year makes it a winner.

2. Best Themed Award: Hanna Andersson

For those who love a theme, Hannah Anderson takes the prize. Daylan appreciates the seamless and classy themes this brand brings to its designs. The Grinch set, in particular, radiates Dr. Seuss charm, with a playful and festive touch that doesn’t compromise on style.

3. Teen-Approved Award: Roolee Chic Sweat Sets

Getting teens on board with matching jammies can be a challenge. Local Utah company Roolee creates chic sweat sets with embroidered Christmas trees, making them posh and trendy. The sets are subtle, not overly Christmasy, allowing teens to feel fashionable while participating in the family tradition. Daylan suggests embracing popular matching sweat sets for teens.

4. Budget-Friendly Award: Old Navy

If budget-friendly is your priority, Old Navy comes to the rescue. As the sister company of Gap, Old Navy combines affordability with quality. The abundance of stock ensures accessibility in various sizes and the longevity of availability throughout the season.

5. Furry Family Member Award: Merry Reindeers for Pets

Many families include their pets in the family festivities! This newer brand provides cute bandanas for dogs, adding an adorable touch to family photos. Daylan appreciates the affordability and the neutral, pretty prints.

6. Year-Round Investment: Lauren Conrad’s Line at Kohl’s

For families looking for a year-round investment, Daylan recommends Lauren Conrad’s line at Kohl’s. The designs incorporate colors and seasonal elements without being strictly Christmas-themed. Daylan suggests opting for colored sets that provide flexibility for extended wear beyond the holiday season.

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