Affordable and Tasty Gifts from Orson Gygi

Heather Smith from Orson Gygi shows some ideas.

Pretzel Rods:
Caramel per rod- 12cents
Pretzel rod- 8 cents
Cellophane bag 10 cents
Chocolate- milk-6 cents, white- drizzle 3 cents

38 cents per pretzel
For 3 pretzels: 97 cents

Peppermint Bark:
White Chocolate: 40 cents

Peppermint pieces: 12 cents
Dark Chocolate: 20 cents
10 cents for bag

80 cents for 6 large pieces approx for each neighbor.

Glazed Almonds
Toffee, Cinnamon or chocolate Glazes

80 cents for glaze
$1.89 for almonds
10 cents per bag

$2.79 neighbor

Easy, fun and already made gifts just need to be packaged:

Approx 200 in bag, give 10 to neighbors:

.45 cents for 10
bag 10 cents

55 cents for neighbors

Brownie spatula

99 cents

Yogurt tree pretzels

.99 cents plus .9 cent bag $1.08 per neighbor.

Chocolate Covered Popcorn Kit $29.00 New Product

This is the perfect gift as a kit or the ideals supplies for neighbor gifts.

Kit Includes:
5lbs White Chocolate Coating
32oz Jar with lid
32oz Kernels
1 Red Color Oil
1 Green Color Oil
Boxed and ready to go.
Instructions will be at along with other fun holiday recipes

Kit Makes 120 cups. With the ability to add drizzle colors with the green and red coloring oils.
Total cost per cup is .25 cents

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