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Afghan refugees are coming to Utah. Here are 6 ways you can help them

This is everything you need to know about helping Afghan refugees.

The state department recently recommended Salt Lake City be a safe place for Afghan refugees who are displaced from their homes. A few people could arrive within a few weeks, but we should expect a couple hundred in the next several months. Catholic Community Services is one of our state’s two resettlement agencies helping to get these refugees on their feet.

Director of Migration & Refugee Services, CCS, Aden Batar, shares where we are in the process of welcoming these people to Utah. It might seem overwhelming, but there are actionable ways you can step in to help. It can be as simple as spreading the word.

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How You Can Help Afghan Refugees

Donate Money
Monetary donations will be critical to supporting refugee livelihoods and legal fees to obtain immigration status. Donate here.

Purchase Items from Amazon Wishlists
Visit this link to view items to purchase to help refugees.

House a Refugee
Click here to fill out a housing questionnaire.

Consider Refugee Foster Care
Find information about becoming a foster parent here.

Volunteer Your Time
Attend CCS Orientation. This orientation is an information session about the resettlement process, available opportunities, and other ways you can support work at CCS. You can also sign up to help with one-time volunteer opportunities.

Spread the Word
If monetary donations aren’t possible for you, and you aren’t able to volunteer, you can advocate on behalf of incoming refugees. Do research and encourage your friends and family to take action.

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  • We have a new television set and new small quilt we would like to donate to the refugees. How do we do this?