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Time to let go of the overwhelm. Protect your peace by doing these 4 things

One way to protect your peace? Realizing you can’t fix everything.

Feelings of overwhelm and struggle are not uncommon. Being bombarded with outside opinions on all kinds of issues can have you feeling oversaturated. One woman used a family vacation as an escape from her phone and all the information it contains. She says she “felt grounded, grateful, and capable,” and now she’s committed to protecting that feeling.

Brooke Romney shares the practices and beliefs she came up with to help her keep the peace in her life. A lot of conflict in our world happens when people judge others on one moment. Refuse to judge someone for those moments of weakness and offer up a little grace.

Find the full post Brooke wrote on Instagram, @brookeromneywrites, and find all of her 11 practices on her website, www.brookeromney.com.

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