Air Design: UV Air Treatment Systems

Rhett Marshall demonstrates how this unit works on Studio 5.

Air Design Heating and Cooling was established in 1997 and have steadily grown into the largest HVAC contractor in the state. They do most of the new installations for builders, such as Ivory and Fieldstone. They have 50 employees and always take the time to make sure a customer is happy. They have installed over 20,000 systems and have an A rating at the better business bureau.

Air Design sells and installs the UV Air Treatment System in your home. How does it work? UV Lighting does not cool or heat your home. It is a germicidal light that damages and kills organisms as they pass by. So when you ac or heat is on, the air that circulates throughout your homes passes through this light in your ductwork which kills airborne bacteria and viruses.

The same technology that was used to clean up the cryptosporidium problem in swimming pools this past few summer is used for Air Treatment Systems. All county pools now have UV lighting. All government buildings have them installed in their HVAC ductwork. When people understand what this is, it will probably be installed in every new construction.

When installed in your heating and cooling system, an UV Air Treatment System zaps live airborne particles and germs by passing by the lamp, making sure that they don’t arrive in your duct system and not move into your home’s air. This shortwave lights – similar to those used in hospitals, pharmacies and professional kitchens for nearly 50 years – are easy for contractors to install in your system and the long-life lamps are simple to replace when needed.

For more information, call Air Design Heating and Cooling at 325 W. Erickson Lane in Murray. Or call (801) 264-8292 or go online at or

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