Alpine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Chemical Peels

You’ll love working with Alpine Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery for your chemical peel.

What to expect:

Alpine’s Aesthetician will start out by asking you a series of questions and examining your skin to determine the best possible treatment. Depending on your individual skin type or the amount of damage your skin has received, their aesthetician may recommend a skin care regiment to help prepare your skin for your chemical peel. If necessary this skin care regiment may need to be completed for several days before treatment can begin.

The Illuminize and Vitalize treatments last approximately 20 minutes; there may be minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. Over the next several days your skin will undergo a renewal process, and depending on your skin there may be very mild flaking to noticeable peeling.

For maximum results Alpine Plastic recommends a series of six (6) peels two to six weeks apart depending on your skin.

Alpine Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is dedicated to providing the highest quality in patient care and satisfaction.

Dr. Randall Barnett is expertly trained in all areas of plastic and reconstructive procedures to help you look great and feel better. From their receptionists to their registered nurses and board certified anesthesiologists, the entire Alpine team will demonstrate knowledge, professionalism and compassion in all they do.

Located in the McKay Dee hospital in South Ogden, Utah, Alpine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has access to state of the art facilities and technologies. Alpine also features one of Utah’s JCAHO accredited surgical centers.

What does JCAHO accreditation mean to you?

The Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) is recognized as a symbol of quality within the healthcare industry. JCAHO’s governing board includes members that represent all aspects of the healthcare field including physicians, nurses, medical directors and consumers.

To contact Alpine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, call (801) 387-3900. They are located at 4403 Harrison Blvd, Suite 3680 at McKay Dee Hospital. For more information, check their website at for more details.

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