Style File: Bold Eyes

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone shows three different ways to pull of this look.

It is the make-up trend of Fall/Winter 2009: Bold eyes are back! Many women are intimidated by the word “bold” and think this look can only be pulled off by the younger generation. Let me dispel that notion by declaring: “bold eyes can work on any woman, at any age, with any eye shape”.

Whatever your age or whatever your style may be, the tips below are general guidelines. Remember, make up application sometimes requires a little practice before it “feels” right. So take a little time and be a little daring when creating a new look.

Investing in good make up brushes (shape and quality) will cut down on the time you spend doing make up because the brush will do the job it was intended for. My favorite brush to achieve a great bold eye is a deluxe fluff brush. The shape of this brush allows exact precision with where you place the color and blends just as easily.


Packing the Lid: placing eye shadow rather than sweeping it onto lid. This saves time by eliminating clean up of stray eye shadow.

Smoky Eye: doesn’t relate to the color but rather the application technique. Thus, you can create a smoky eye in ANY color. This look is most flattering for ages 16-mid 40’s.

3 Ways to Achieve the BOLD Eye Look

1. Color selection

Bright colors will stand out by the sheer nature of their depth. The brighter the eye shadow color, regardless of where it is placed-the bolder the eye.

The Smoky Eye

• Pack bright color on lid from lash line to crease but not in the crease

• Apply neutral color from crease to brow bone

o Option: Put highlighter underneath brow bone for more intense effect. Caution: this will emphasize fine lines and wrinkles

• Line upper and lower lash line with dark eyeliner

o Option: line inside lower lid “water well” for more dramatic look. Caution: this will make eye appear smaller

• Apply 2 coats of mascara

2. How it is Applied

You have complete control of the eye shadow intensity by how much you put on the eye. The more shadow you apply, regardless of where it is placed, the bolder the look.

Cream eye shadow used as a base underneath a powder shadow will also intensify the color.

3. Where it is Applied

The smoky eye isn’t the only bold eye technique. You can create a bold eye for any eye shape at any age with this application technique:

• Using a kohl eyeliner (kohl liners are softer and go on easier), line upper eye from inner to outer corner, staying close to lashes

• Choose a darker or brighter color than you normally wear and pack that color over top of the eyeliner

• Place a matte neutral color from shadow line to brow bone

• Apply mascara (optional depending on age and condition of lashes)

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