american flag out of ribbons

Make an American flag out of ribbons and fabric! 3 ideas for a patriotic porch

Give the American Flag a permanent spot on your summer porch!

Here in Utah, it feels like we can stretch our patriotic flair a little longer than usual. From Memorial Day through Pioneer Day, its an appropriate decor approach. Added with this year’s Olympic Games and we can rock the red white and blue all summer long, which makes it worth a little added effort. Create patriotic curb appeal with the addition of inviting and unique DIY projects.

Jodi Sanford shares ideas to perfect the patriotic porch.


Festive Catch-All Bin

Start by filling up a cute bin or basket with all of your favorite Fourth of July celebration items: sparklers, pop-its, glow sticks, wooden fairy wands, star sunglasses, old fashioned candies, and American flags to name a few! Add a touch of color and texture with some decor features as well. The kids will LOVE this fun little bin, and it makes for adorable photo shoot pieces, too!

Keep it Coordinated

Don’t forget your porch sign. Pair it up with the patriotic pillows and handmade flag and you’ll have the cutest little details on the block.

Ribbon Flag Banner

For the ultimate door display, try creating your own ribbon and fabric American flag banner.  This quick and easy decor piece is fun to make and will have neighbors swooning. This display is complimented every year at Jodi’s house by friends and neighbors. Watch the tutorial in the video above.

Visit Jodi’s website here for a free PDF for creating the ribbon flag banner.

See all of Jodi’s ideas and inspiration at  or on Instagram @makeaprettylife.

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