pressed flower art

Pressed flower art… but make it modern! Pretty ways to make and display dried florals

Pressed flower art is back, and more modern!

Pressing flowers is an art that has been around for centuries. It’s a simple way to preserve a flower’s beauty a little longer. Recently, the application of pressed flowers has exploded on the scene, and we’re seeing them everywhere! From wedding cakes to wall art, we are loving the versatility of the pressed petals. Now you create your own pressed flower art without growing a garden.

Jennessa and Lucas Cawley, from Shop Maivie, break down this popular pastime by sharing creative ways to use and display pressed flowers.

We all have a soft place in our hearts for pressed flowers because we can probably recall a piece on display in a loved one’s home. They’re sentimental and many times, they tell a story. They are a way to memorialize flowers that are special to us.

Pressed flowers have grown in popularity again with more modern and creative ways to apply them to a variety of mediums. The aesthetic of displaying flowers long term with their color, veining, and detail makes for a beautiful visual.

Jennessa says the fun is in the experimenting with what speaks to you. From a modern, clean display to a boho approach, you can create pressed floral art that is simple and small or large and layered. Whatever your design style, you can create a floral display to compliment it.

Shop Maivie is a local pressed flower workshop. To learn more about workshop classes or private events like birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or bridal events, visit and follow on Instagram, @shopmaivie.

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