Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

A brand new product has just debuted and is taking the craft world by
storm. It’s chalk paint and is unlike most paints you have encountered. It
has a matte, velvety smooth finish and is perfect for some projects.

Blogger Tausha Hoyt, from Sassy Style Redesign has been trying the paint
and calls it the greatest thing she has ever dipped a brush in.

Ok-this paint is all the buzz all over blog world. I had to see what the hype
was all about. Well, I am here to tell you that every fabulous thing
that you have read or heard about ASCP (annie sloan chalk paint) is all true!
Yep, it is fabulous!

So, why is it so cool? These are a couple of my favorite things about this

It’s the BEST paint for painting furniture by a long way. Now, you all know
that I love me some spray paint. I LOVE it! BUT, after using ASCP, I will not
ever redo another piece of furniture without using this paint. Ever!

Why? This paint is absolutely beautiful to work with. It goes on smoothly &
without any hassle. You can use the paint by diluting it with water to make
a wash to show the wood grain. So, this paint allows you to change your
mind mid paint job! It is Awesome! The only way that I can explain it is,
this paint is more pliable. Think acrylic paint, but for your walls & furniture.

You can use it on any surface, indoors and out. ANY surface! Furniture,
walls, floors, etc. I wanted to try it on a few different surfaces. So, I pulled
out some wood, plastic and glass. It adhered to everything, no problem.

The best parts about this paint….you do NOT need to prime anything! Ever!
Just clean the surface that you want to paint and ASCP will stick. Not
kidding! I painted my wooden banisters. I washed them down with soap
and water and then started painting. I did not use a super cleaner or
anything to strip the varnish off. The paint adhered perfectly! I know of no
other paint that will do this.

The How to:

This paint is pretty self explanatory. There are just a couple of things that I
learned along the way that I wanted to share with you.

When you paint-use the best brush that you can get. Home Depot has a
good, better, best section. Get a brush in the “best” section. This will make
painting so much easier!

When you paint-only go one way. If you go one way with the paint, and
then go back over, going the other way, the paint will come off. So, don’t
do this. Wait for the first coat to dry and then go back over it.

The first coat will more than likely, show brush strokes. Don’t stress over
this. You can fix this by putting the same color over the first coat. Or, if you
want to use 2 colors, you can paint a different color over the first color. By
doing a light sanding, the first color will pull the first color through
beautifully. If you want a more solid coverage, you will need to wait 24
hours for the paint to cure, before you start distressing or sanding. Trust
me on this.

Waxing: There are a few brands of furniture wax on the market. Annie
Sloan has 2 colors. You can get a clear and a dark. BUT, you can also make
your own wax color by mixing a little bit of ASCP with some clear wax.
There are not any other wax’s on the market that can do this. I know that
some of you are wondering why you would need to wax. Waxing will give
you a smooth, very professional look. Remember, when you are waxing,
thin will win. You apply a thin coat of the clear wax with a brush, and then
buff it off with a micro fiber rag. After you apply the clear wax and buff,
you can put on the dark wax. The same application as the clear applies to
the dark as well.

Price: The price of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is $38.95 a quart. Now, don’t let
the price throw you. This quart of paint will last you a long time! I have
painted 10+ pieces of furniture and have barely made a dent in the paint.
This paint will last you longer than your average big box store paint.

The wax is $26.95 each. The wax will last you forever! Less is more when
you use the wax.

There is one catch to this paint. You can only purchase it from certified
distributors. Good news, we have one fabulous distributor, Mindy Harrell
of Faux Assured Studio in Park
City. Mindy is fabulous to work with! You can call or check out her site for
paint colors, tools and how to books. Mindy and her fabulous staff are
extremely knowledgeable and are happy to help you. They will ship the
paint to you, or you can pick it up at their studio in Park City. The Faux Assured Studio also offers a
Annie Sloan how-to class once a month. Check their website, Faux for

My overall grade for this paint is an A+! ASCP is very user friendly and the
results are swoon worthy.

If you want to purchase some of the furniture shown on the show today,
they are available! Yea! You can pick some of the pieces up at The Ivy Cottage in Farr
West. Also, some of the pieces are available for pick up out of my garage.
Check my blog, sassystyleredesign.blogsp
for more information.

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