Foolproof 5: The Frosted Gardner

Foolproof 5: The Frosted Gardner

Each and every day Studio 5 feature the most talented crafters, artists and
creative minds Utah has to offer. We all admire their finished projects – but
we wanted to dig deeper. You always want to know what tools and products
our contributors use and love. So, once a month, we’re tipping over the
toolbox of some of the most talented creators we know – asking them to
reveal their “Foolproof 5.”

This month, Melanie Gardner with The Frosted Gardner shares her secret
tools, tips and sources of inspiration.

Everyone has a “toolbox” where they house the things they need to do what
they do. So what is The Frosted Gardner’s Foolproof 5? When asked this
question I thought of the process we go through to create the different
things that we do.

First up is blogging inspiration. While many people may look to
Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, or Pottery Barn catalogs I get the
majority of my inspiration from several different blogs which I have listed
on our site. I look to others who are on a budget and do what we do to see
what new painting techniques they are using, what styles of furniture they
are refinishing, as well as pictures of their own homes. It is easy to make
your homes look like a million bucks if you have a million bucks but several
bloggers out there have done this on a very tight budget.

After my daily blogging inspiration I then move to my source for finding
furniture, lighting, home accessories, and even equipment for the shop.
We could not do what we do without the classifieds on I
am often asked where we find our good “stuff” and my reply is always the
same. I do not have extra time to run from thrift store to thrift store but I
can sit down and peruse the ads quickly and spot the great deals.

Next up is our paint and our favorite color. For those who follow
our blog it is obvious that we favor white furniture! We use Benjamin
Moore Aura
paint which provides a nice smooth cover and finish. Our color of choice
ironically is called “Frostine”. It is the color of most of our pieces and thus
is highly requested on many of our custom pieces as well.

One of the most important tools to have is a patient handyman.
Patience is
important when it comes to projects that can take up a whole Saturday or
when your handyman cannot see your vision but trusts you and then once
completed stands back and is just as happy as you are about what was just
created. I recommend a handyman who can lift heavy things, can do
electrical work, lay wood flooring and tile, as well as build things. Not
much to ask, right?

Lastly is a budget. That may actually sound restrictive but by
sticking to
our budget on every piece we do it allows us to do most everything we
want to do. I know if I go over budget on any particular item I have to cut
someplace else and then something is missing! Planning and sticking to a
budget is a top priority for us and generally with patience and letting a few
“wanted” pieces go here and there we have still furnished our home exactly
how we have planned.

We are Mike and Melanie Gardner and we find old furniture to repair,
redesign and paint. Mike has a background in construction and finish work.
Melanie has an interest in finding unique furniture pieces to refinish and
create something almost brand new. We are located in Bountiful, Utah. If
you have any questions please call us at 801.557.5865.

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