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Arranging Furniture on an Angle

Angela Ingo, author of the home design blog “Imagine Cozy,” helps up shake up our straight-line furniture set-up and see things at an angle.

When decorating your home, do you ever stand back and think “this just doesn’t look right?” Placement is key – and so is balance. This makes this oh-so-simple simple design concept oh-so-important.

Arranging furniture at an angle can accomplish a number of things:

1. Creates Weight and Balance

Placing your furniture an angle can help even out the room. Sometimes when you turn your furniture, it allows for a more equal balance in the room. When you are arranging furniture you want to pay attention to how the weight is distributed throughout the room— you want it to be even.

2. Adds Interest

It’s an “Out of the Box” approach – it makes for a more interesting space. It seems so logical to place your furniture against the wall, and that is what often happens. But when you pull it out into the room and allow space around the furniture you get the illusion of more space.

3. Fresh & Free

It’s a way to completely change the look of your room, without spending a dime. The greatest thing about rearranging is that it will cost you nothing and can be moved back easily if you do not like how it turned out. It is something you can do right now and receive immediate results.

Angela Ingo has a degree in design and has always had a creative flair. She has pursued several different outlets over the years, including graphic design, handmade books, stained glass and framed leaf art which she sold in Park City. As the mother of three, she realized how important it was to have a cozy comfortable space to live in, and raise her family. So as a result, she researched and discovered that there are some simple design principles that anyone can use. And it does not matter what style you like or if you have a small apartment or a large home. You can take what you have already and make a space more cozy and comfortable.

To find out what other principles make a difference visit Angela’s blog ( She posts twice a week, including before and after pictures demonstrating how you can do this on your own, in your own home!

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